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Tue Nov 12 2002 15:14:05 ET

I just read the story you posted "Drug-resistant bacteria discovered in Detroit". http://www.freep.com/news/health/nstaph12_20021112.htm As it happens my fianc�e is in the same battle due to the same Drug-resistant bacteria. The hospital had acknowledged she picked up a staph infection during her stay for other treatment.

But the Dr.'s did not identify the seriousness of her staph infection while she was in the hospital. A visit by the CDC also failed to identify the seriousness of her infection but did recommend she stay in the hospital for another two weeks in isolation. The hospital sent her home the next day because her insurance would no longer cover her stay. She was prescribed the same antibiotic as the lady in the article and within a couple of days of being home the infection got worse. She started bleeding from her swollen leg and went back to the hospital, where the Dr. claimed she had a dermatological problem.

He prescribed a pain killer for the massive swelling in her leg and sent her home. The nurse who witnessed the Dr.'s diagnoses was appalled at his statements that there was nothing wrong but a dermatological problem and refuted his statement.

The Dr. was highly upset at the nurse's statements as was my fianc�e. My fianc�e happens to be a Dr. herself and new something was seriously wrong with the diagnoses. She went to see another Dr. As it stands now she may lose her battle and they may have to amputate her leg. We will be presenting the information in this article to her Dr. today in hopes they will realize what they have been missing and maybe contact the Dr. dealing with this in Detroit.

I wanted to write you and say thanks for the information posting. I also wanted to congratulate you on the number of hits to your website. It is always my first source of information for headlines.


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