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Customer victim of TV rage after switching soccer channel
12/30/2002 23:21

Singapore (dpa) - A Singapore coffeeshop patron who changed the TV channel from a European league football match ended up with a broken nose and cuts on his head requiring 23 stitches, a police report said on Tuesday.

Wong Hon Ming, 48, said customers hurled beer bottles and mugs at him, requiring three days of hospitalization when he switched off the Italian league match between Juventus and Lazio.

;Beating me up over a TV channel? These people are so vicious,'' he told the daily newspaper Streats.

;To think I just chatted with one of them just before they attacked me,'' he added.

Wong said he frequently went to the coffeeshop to unwind and had changed the channel on other occasions without any incidents.

Since there was another match between Spanish teams Barcelona and Sevilla on another channel, Wong took the remote to take a look.

After clobbering Wong with the bottles and mugs, three of the angry men ran off.

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