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Ray Reiterates There Was Sufficient Evidence To Prosecute Clinton
Thu Mar 28 2002 10:49:33 ET

Former Independent Prosecutor Robert Ray once again explains how he had enough evidence to prosecute Bill Clinton for lying to a federal grand jury.

Speaking on FOX NEWS CHANNEL's HANNITY AND COLMES Wednesday night, Ray Said:

"What you're talking about are aspects of the evidence in connection with whether.it was appropriate to exercise my discretion and charge the former president with a crime. I made the judgment, notwithstanding the fact that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute in connection with the Lewinsky investigation . By the way, by the former president's own admission. . It's a question of whether you use the full resources of the federal government to charge the individual with a felony and to proceed with a prosecution. . Every citizen deserves the benefit, as the former president was here, of consideration by a prosecutor as to whether or not there were alternatives to criminal prosecution." Asked whether Ray thought Clinton had paid a pretty full price by being impeached, Ray responded, "That was one [consideration], but it wasn't all of it. There was the contempt. There was the suspension of his law license. There was the payment of fines, many different things, and, frankly, the public condemnation that occurred as the result of the impeachment."

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