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You'll notice many of the sites Drudge links to remove the material after short time, some of it is available if you pay those websites an archive fee. In order to avoid this, save the stories and pictures you like to your computer's hard drive.

You may find useful what Yahoo News had to say about link decay:


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! News.

News from our wire services, Reuters and The Associated Press is archived for 2 weeks.

There is a search box located on every news page, and you can enter a keyword to find news on that topic from the last 2 weeks.

News from our non-wire providers like ZDNet, E!Online and ABCNews.com is archived for one month. You can use the dates at the bottom of the news pages to view previous articles. At the moment, these non-wire providers are not searchable.

Please note that stories and photos older than 2 weeks will no longer be available.

You can also search Yahoo! by keyword for more information on a particular topic.

http://www.yahoo.com If you have a problems or issues with other news sources or providers, please contact them directly.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


Yahoo! Customer Care

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