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New Federal Airport Security Forces Butt Heads With Local Officials
Thu Mar 28 2002 11:00:23 ET

Showdown between local jurisdiction and The Feds over Airport 'security'. Thursday's WALL STREET JOURNAL reports: "A new turf war is slowing the national effort to improve airport security, as many local airport officials, accustomed to having greater control, are pushing back against the federal safety drive.

"Airport directors, typically appointed by local authorities, say they are frustrated, confused and, sometimes, barely on speaking terms with federal regulators over how best to protect travelers while keeping planes flying on time."

The JOURNAL continues: "Houston's airport-system director, Richard M. Vacar, decries 'arbitrary' federal parking restrictions at his facilities. In Reno, Nev., airport director Krys Bart bemoans what she calls a 'police-state' atmosphere created by federally supervised screeners who scream at passengers 'like a drill sergeant.'"

The JOURNAL adds: "Federal officials counter that they are trying to work collaboratively with local authorities. 'We're not some invading force,' Deputy U.S. Transportation Secretary Michael Jackson told airport executives at a gathering in Washington on March 18."



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