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Bin Laden safe, planning new terror attack: says Islamic group
Tues Apr 9 2002 18:00:52 ET

CAIRO, April 9 (Kyodo) _ Osama bin Laden is alive and well and planning a new terror attack, according to an extremist Islamic group likely linked to the terrorist network al-Qaida, the Arabic newspaper Al Hayat said Tuesday according to ANSA news agency.

Al Hayat said it received a letter dated March 26 and making such claims from the group calling itself Qai'dat al-Jihad on Monday.

The letter, addressed ''to our Islamic state and to the heroic Palestinian people'' said ''God has given permission to resume activities.''

''Al-Qaida's leader has gone abroad safely. Bin Laden is safe and well. He is preparing to work with his brothers,'' the letter was quoted by the paper as saying.

Al Hayat, based in Lebanon and printed in London, has been circulated in throughout the Middle East region.


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