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WASHINGTON -- They were all desperately trying to hold on until the post-dawn McLaughlin Group anniversary brunch. With lighters waving in the air, the revelers demanded an encore to the Bloomberg party. Rock on and a marathon set, for those who gathered in the nation's capital this weekend for the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents Association [1914-2002]. Bush's Headbanger's Ball.

When White House key adviser Karl Rove made his entrance into the ballroom at the Hilton Hotel, few noticed.

But when gothmetalrockerTVstar Ozzy Osbourne made his: Flash bulbs and pandemonium.

Ozzy, who was guest of freshly-healed Greta Van Susteren of the FOX NEWS CHANNEL, parted the A-list sea as his security shouted, "Move the f#@k out of the way" to black-tied invited dignitaries, like senators, congressmen and cabinet officials.

A day in the life, The Osbournes Go to Washington, a VIACOMMTV crew captured Ozzy from limousine ride to grand entrance. The dinner turned into nothing short of a studio backdrop, with VIACOMPARAMOUNT Sherry Lansing, who was just in from the coast [private jet] with NYDAILYNEWSSALON'S Arianna Huffington smiled and synergied while talking with FATAL ATTRACTION'S Glenn Close, and Wolf Blitzer.

Late Edition.

"Ozzy thinks he's at the White House!" NEW YORK TIMES op-ed queen Maureen Dowd declared. "He really does. He did an interview where he said he was going to meet President Bush at the White House."

"Don't treat celebrities like heroes," comedian Drew Carey implored the 3000 gathered in a monologue that included no less than 8 references to Ozzy.

As White House power player Karl Rove left the ballroom to go to the men's room, few noticed.

CNNDNC's James Carville kissed Bush's Mary Matalin erotically at the head ASSOCIATED PRESS table making even the wire blush with the public display. Carville's threat, "Mary's gonna have to find a new husband" if she takes the Karen Hughes job, seemed to have undergone a write-thru. Witnessed and filed by table-mate Ron Fournier.

AOLTIMEWARNER's Steve Case, worth a few less digits than at last year's dinner, wandered the aisles looking for a new merger while FCC chairman Michael Powell sat a few tables away, again ready to approve.

FORBES' cover boy and "Trillion Dollar Man" [April 29], Powell, smiled when asked if in the near future GE would merge with DISNEY and then merge with VIACOM and then merge with NEWSCORP and then merge, out of pity, with Steve Case's AOLTIMEWARNER.

While dessert was being served Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon were urgently ushered to the stage rope line for a face to face with the Commander in Chief nearly trampling National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice and the Secretary of State.

As White House end-all Karl Rove, perhaps the most powerful unelected individual in the free world, polished off his S'Mores Ice Cream Torte Graham Cracker Crust-Filled with Fudge and Chocolate Ice Cream Toasted Meringue, few noticed.

NEWSWEEK's Evan Thomas, Mark Hosenball, Martha Brant and Roy Gutman won the night's top award for, among other things, Clinton's first out-of-office interview and analysis on the Paula Jones/Tonya Harding FOX celebrity boxing match.

"The Edgar A. Poe Award honors excellence in news coverage of subjects and events of significant national or regional importance, written with fairness and objectivity."

"The thing about Ozzy is, he's made a lot of big hit recordings: "Party With the Animals," "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," "Face in Hell," "Black Skies'' and "Bloodbath in Paradise,'' President Bush announced.

Rock on.

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