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KILLED: Bush Advisers Backing Card As Homeland Security Secretary
Tue Jun 18 2002 10:03:49 ET

The WASHINGTON POST on Tuesday urgently killed a report filed by staff writer Mike Allen which claimed "Prominent advisers to President Bush are urging him to name White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security."


"Administration and Capitol Hill sources said Tom Ridge, Bush's director of homeland security, does not want to undergo confirmation hearings and is expected to stay in the White House as Bush's homeland security adviser, a position that would remain under the president's proposal. So several advisers to Bush are recommending that he choose Card. One prominent adviser said Card 'is an expert in instilling a culture in a bureaucracy, and has the president's total trust.' Another Bush source said Card 'has a velvet-fist management style: He lays down the law but is approachable by everyone.'"

Allen reported: "A possible complication in recruiting a secretary for the new department was revealed yesterday by a senior administration official, who said most of the department might be located outside the Washington area for security reasons."

It was not immediatly known why the POST killed the story.

"Two longtime friends of Bush's are good possibilities to succeed Card: Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans, who was chairman of the 2000 presidential campaign, and presidential personnel director Clay Johnson III, who was Bush's transition director and his Texas chief of staff. Rep. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Bush's closest ally on Capitol Hill, could become commerce secretary or chief of staff," Allen reported.


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