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Sharon Bush plans tell-all book about Bush family
Tue Apr 15 2003 21:46:08 ET

Sharon Bush is planning to write a tell all on the Bush family, The New York Observer is reporting exclusively in Wednesday's paper.

Sharon Bush, the estranged wife of President George W. Bush's younger brother, Neil Bush, has spent two decades with the Bush family.

Sharon Bush's spokesman, Lou Colasuonno, told The Observer:

"This will be the story of Sharon Bush's life inside one of the most powerful families in America. She witnessed the evolution of a dynasty. She believes, and is prepared to reveal in her book, that the Bushes are far more pragmatic and calculating than has ever been seen before. She will show that the family orchestrates its public image from top to bottom. She will reveal that the family is in essence a political operation."

Ms. Bush is currently working on her proposal and is pitching her idea in Manhattan publishing circles.

She recently met extensively with renowned biographer Kitty Kelley, who is working on her own book on the Bushes. They discussed the possibility of Sharon Bush becoming a key inside source for Kitty Kelley, which would be a huge boost for Kelley's long awaited book.

Kelley's agent, Wayne Kabak, of William Morris Agency, told the Observer:

"Kitty had a very long lunch with Sharon, and a great deal of information was put on the table. They talked about the possibility of Sharon writing her own book, as well as about the possibility of Sharon further cooperating with Kitty's book in the future." Sharon Bush is in the midst of a nasty divorce with Neil Bush.

The Observer has also obtained excerpts of a deposition given by Neil Bush on March 4. In the deposition, Neil Bush candidly discusses his extramarital affair with Maria Andrews, a former assistant to Barbara Bush. He also discusses his own marriage.

In the deposition, Neil Bush says:

"I threw myself at the mercy of this counseling and have -- have reached the conclusion that it is irresolvable, that our marriage has been broken," Mr. Bush said. "It's loveless. And there's nothing left to it. And there hasn't been for a long, long time. There's no affection. There's been very little sexual activity over the past 10 or 12 years....Sorry if marriages fail. And I'm -- I'm sorry ours is one of those."

Sharon Bush is despondent over her treatment at the hands of the Bush family, her associates say. In the book, she hopes to show that Barabara Bush has exercised a good deal more control over the family than previously revealed. She also wants to show that the relationship between the Bush brothers, as well as relations between the President and former President, have been more fraught and complex than previously known, her associates say.

Mr. Colasuonno told The Observer: "This is a woman who has had some wonderful times with the Bushes and knows she's fortunate to have had a close-up view of two Presidencies. But she has seen the dark side, too. And she intends to provide a view of the family that everyone will want to read."


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