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Excerpt of Barbara Walters� Interview with Sen. Hillary Clinton
Wed 2003 Jun 04 17:58:13 ET

"The jury was really out about whether the marriage would survive, whether I wanted it to survive," Senator Hillary Clinton tells ABC News' Barbara Walters in her interview to air on Sunday, June 8 (7:00-8:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

The following report will air on �World News Tonight�:

Senator Clinton has never before spoken about her feelings -- or about any conversations she had with her husband during the dark days of the 1998 Monica Lewinsky scandal, until now.

In her book, due out Monday � and in our interview � Mrs. Clinton reveals for the first time that from the moment the very first headline broke the story -- Bill Clinton lied not only to the country about his relationship, but he lied to her as well.

SEN. Hillary clinton He told me it wasn�t true.

barbara walters

Did you believe him?

SEN. Hillary Clinton

I did.

barbara walters

One more false rumor

SEN. Hillary Clinton

That is what I believed, yes.


As the late night phone calls between the President and the intern were discovered -- and the logs of gifts and visits became public -- Senator Clinton says she cross examined her husband again and again -- and still the President claimed nothing happened � until just two days before he was to testify under oath about the affair.

On Saturday, August 15th, your husband woke you up.

SEN. hillary clinton

That was probably the worst moment, um, that I can even imagine anyone going through because what he told me that morning was that he had not, uh, leveled with me or anyone else. He had not told me the whole truth about what the relationship was. And I was .. I was furious. I was dumbfounded. I was.. you know just beside myself with anger and disappointment.


Mrs. Clinton goes on to tell of the very painful days that followed and the many months that she continued her duties as First Lady, while still uncertain about the relationship.

SEN. hillary clinton

The jury was really out about whether the marriage would survive, whether I wanted it to survive.


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