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Kucinich Denies Sleeping Through Blair's Speech To Congress
Mon Jul 21 2003 11:43:00 ET

During British Prime Minister Tony Blair's speech to a joint session of Congress, a television camera appeared to catch Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the anti-war presidential candidate, snoozing away!

But Kucinich called ROLL CALL's Ed Henry to "insist he wasn't sleeping and stressed that there's another side to the story."

It turns out that Sen. Bob Graham (D- Fla.) isn't the only White House candidate who carries around a notebook. 'Let me just tell you, it's stupid,' Kucinich said Friday of the speculation that he had slept through the speech. 'I heard this same thing on the floor today from a Republican Member.' The Congressman insisted that he was buried in his notebook.

'When I take notes my head is down, just like reporters,' he said. 'In fact, during every State of the Union I've taken close notes.' Then he added slyly, 'I actually have notes from the last State of the Union -- they're annotated about a lack of proof [on WMDs]. Anyone who cares to can come read the notebook. It's pretty interesting.'"

Kucinich "stressed that his jottings are different from the Graham notebooks, which chronicle the Senator's daily life, including such minutiae as what he had for breakfast."


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