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California Democratic Party Spokesman Bob Mulholland apologized Monday night for warning Arnold Schwarzenegger that 'real bullets' will be coming his way during his campaign to be governor
Tue Aug 12 2003 11:38:47 ET

HANNITY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: I want to start with the statement you made over the weekend about how you warned Arnold Schwarzenegger about real bullets being used in this campaign. Let's roll the tape. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

MULHOLLAND: Schwarzenegger is going to find out that unlike a Hollywood movie set, the bullets coming at him. In this campaign there are going to be real bullets, and he's going to have to respond to them.


HANNITY: Isn't that irresponsible to talk about real bullets Bob Mulholland? In a campaign?

MULHOLLAND: I should have used -- I should not have used Hollywood words, and I apologize for that. What I said -- what I meant to say and I should say...


MULHOLLAND: ... real political issues like our differences that we have on many issues between the Republicans and the Democrats.

HANNITY: Fair enough. You wouldn't apologize when I spoke to you earlier today, but I see you've had a change of heart. And I think that's important that you do apologize for that.

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