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**World Exclusive**

Another black bodybuilder has come forward claiming that California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger has a history of making racist comments, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.

Robby Robinson, one of the most respected and well known of all body builders [a former Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe titleholder], backs up claims made by fellow black bodybuilder Rick Wayne.

"No disrespect to fans of Arnold but Rick's claim is in keeping with my experiences with the man," Robinson explains in a message.

Robinson says that Schwarzenegger repeatedly directed the term "nigger" at him.


Known throughout his career as "The Black Prince," Robinson continues:

"In San Jose at the Russ Warner Classic, as it was called in those days, there was a scene. 7 or 8 of us bodybuilders were invited to guest pose at the show. We were all paid $650.00 to do our thing.

"After the show there was a big banquet. We were all dancing having a nice time and in walks Arnold who started shouting out, 'Down with the blacks, niggers this and blacks that,' for about 10 min.

"All during this time nobody said a word.

"The banquet hall was full of IFFB [International Federation of BodyBuilders] officals. There was a dead silence. You could've heard a pin fall. Everybody in the room was shocked except for me.

"All of his hostility and rage was directed at me. For once he got caught out of shape and I was in contest condition. Me being in great shape put him in a bad light and a bad attitude.

"In my mind I wanted to bust him up. But that would not have done any good. So with all my intensity bottled inside me I walked out of the room. I'm walking out as he was still in his mode of, down with the blacks, when the silence was broken by Joe Weider's voice telling Arnold to stop. That did no good. He was on a roll by now. I left the banquet and went to my room.

"His actions were cowardly and disrespectful. That's why Rick Wayne is speaking out.

"During Pumping Iron more racial slurs were directed at me because I walked out of his house refusing to be involved in the movie if we did not get paid something. We ended up getting $100.00 a day but not before more racial slurs of nigger-nigger were leveled at me for speaking up for myself and the rest of the guys.

"What the fans and media don't know is we all then signed $10,000.00 contracts with White Mountain Film Company and Arnold. To this day Arnold has not paid us a dime. I wonder what the value of that contact would be today. BB [body building] has a dark past, it's a tragedy. The Weiders and Arnold have to deal with their ghosts being uncovered."


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