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Mon Oct 06 2003 11:13:38 ET

JENNINGS: It cannot be easy to spend the last few days of this campaign having to deal constantly with being called a serial groper or a serial abuser to women, and being compared, in some way--your admiration for Hitler. Is that tough?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I get upset about it. But I knew that before I got into this campaign, that this is going to be that kind of a situation that people would throw everything at me at the last minute and the last week. And it's going to become a dirty campaign, sleaze campaign and, you know, down to the gutter. I mean, I knew that--because it was won.

People--political leaders from both parties said, ;You know, Arnold, I don't know if you want to do that. Because let me tell you, I have campaigned. I have run for office and all this. In the last week, they throw things at you that is embarrassing, many times. It's terrible for your family. You may want to think that over, because no matter what it is, they will find it...''

JENNINGS: Does this mean none of it's true? SCHWARZENEGGER: ... calling the baby killer and then the--Simon quoted me...

JENNINGS: None of it's true? None of it's true?

SCHWARZENEGGER: It is--the fact of the matter is I have realized that this is campaign trickery and it is dirty campaigning...

JENNINGS: Well, why is it...

SCHWARZENEGGER: ... and it is...

JENNINGS: ... dirty campaigning?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, because it is not true. Many of those things are not true.

JENNINGS: What are not true?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, like, for instance, you know, I had despised anything and everything that Hitler stands for. I have been--from the time I was a young kid, fought against anyone that has protested for Nazis or had any kind of Nazi sympathizing or anything like this and I campaigned against that. And I came over here, did the same thing. I always was against anything and despised anything that Hitler stood for and what the Nazis stood for. And I'm very sensitive about it, because I come from a country where we had a history of that.

You know, people came up to me many times, when I came over here, with the ;Heil Hitler'' signs and then say, you know, ;The boys from Brazil are coming,'' and all these kind of derogatory things, which I understood. But I mean, and I'm sensitive about that.

And so, I've sued the tabloids when they've said anything about me being a Nazi and have won the lawsuits.

JENNINGS: But you had to know that this was all going to come out in a campaign. It is, after all, your past. It isn't made up, is it?

SCHWARZENEGGER: You don't hear me complaining. You're just asking me the question, you know, that this is part of the campaign.

That's what I'm saying, when I got into the campaign, people said, ;Look, you will have some wonderful moments, you will be meeting some interesting people, smart people. You will be reaching out and they will look at you with hope and everything like this. You will have a great time. But there will be the bad times, the bums, the people start throwing everything at you. And you know that Davis has been known for dirty campaigns.''

And now I experience all that stuff. That's what it is. But the good thing about it is that the people are not buying in on it. That is the good thing about it.

JENNINGS: The question I'm just trying to understand is you say some of it's not true and some if it you don't remember. What don't you remember and what isn't true?

SCHWARZENEGGER: It doesn't make any sense to go through details here with you.

What is important is--what is important is that I cannot remember what was happening 20 years ago and 15 years ago. But some of the thing sounds like me and this is why I was the first one to come out and say, ;You know, some of the things could have happened.'' I want to apologize to the people if I offended anyone, because that was not my intention.

JENNINGS: Do you think that that's...

SCHWARZENEGGER: ... and I'm sorry.

JENNINGS: ... enough?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I'm sorry about it. Well, let me tell you something, that no one every came to me in my life and said to me that I did anything, then said, ;I don't want you to do that and you went over the line, Arnold.'' Now, all of a sudden, isn't it odd that three days and four days before the campaign, all of a sudden, all these women want to have an apology? Isn't it odd?

JENNINGS: Are you blaming the women?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I mean, you have common sense, Peter. You can figure it out for yourself.

JENNINGS: Are you...


JENNINGS: ... well, no, you figure it out for me.

SCHWARZENEGGER: I mean, no, no, no, no. But I'm just trying to tell you, you know it and I know it.


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