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PELICAN FILES: Stallone is queried in sleuth case
Wed Nov 19 2003 11:46:57 ET

Sylvester Stallone has been questioned by the FBI in connection with a case in which his phone may have been tapped by disgraced celebrity sleuth Anthony Pellicano, DAILY VARIETY reported on Wednesday.

That case, which has since settled, pitted Stallone against his former business manager Kenneth Starr, who was represented by Bert Fields.

The trade said: Stallone sued Starr for $ 17.3 million in February 2002, claiming the business manager urged him to hold onto Planet Hollywood stock while the company plummeted into bankruptcy.

The case was filed in L.A. Superior Court and later moved to federal court. Court records show it was settled in January of this year.

Fields declined to comment on the advice of his attorney, John Keker. Two weeks ago, Fields became the first lawyer to acknowledge that he had been interviewed by the FBI in connection with a wiretapping investigation of Pellicano. Although he has used Pellicano on numerous occasions, Fields has vehemently denied that he had any knowledge of Pellicano's alleged wiretaps.

Stallone's name is the latest to surface in connection with the grand jury investigation of alleged illegal wiretapping by Pellicano.

An extensive grand jury investigation by the U.S. Attorney's Office is probing whether the wiretaps were done with the knowledge or with the authorization of the attorneys who hired Pellicano.


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