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Sun Nov 30 2003 17:02:59 ET

Dem hopeful Howard Dean has called former President Jimmy Carter to give updates, ask questions and seek advice, TIME magazine is planning to report on Monday.

The magazine asks Carter about the former Vermont governor's chances of winning the 2004 Presidential race: �He seems to be doing quite well. He came down to Georgia when he was just planning the campaign and talked to me and my wife about the basic tactics of �76. On occasion, he has called me to give me a report on his campaign or to ask a question.�

Does Carter support Dean�s candidacy? �No, I�m going to support whoever I think will have the best chance next November.�

Was Dean offensive or just too honest in saying he wanted the support of southern whites with Confederate flags in their cars? �As I told him afterward, if you had just said you want the support of southern whites that drive pick-up trucks, the same message would have got across. But when he threw in the Confederate flag, it showed a little bit of an incompatibility with national opinion.�

Do any of the democratic candidates have a chance against Bush?

Carter: �It depends on two things. One is what�s going on in Iraq and the war against terrorism. And the other is the economy. I think it�s too early to say what�s going to be happening in either."


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