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Singer Courtney Love bursts into tears in court
Tue Mar 16 2004 18:47:59 ET

Beleaguered rocker Courtney Love burst into tears Tuesday after she turned up more than two hours late for a hearing on drug possession charges, only to be scolded by the judge for talking.

The 39-year-old widow of grunge rock legend Kurt Cobain suddenly became distressed at the end of a short hearing on whether to send her for trial on charges stemming from her October 2 arrest at her luxury home.

After arriving at the hearing in a Beverly Hills court more than two hours late dressed in a summery outfit and in a playful mood, an unamused Judge Elden Fox ordered the actress and singer to not talk out of turn.

The former Hole singer and Hollywood social-scene fixture had tried to tell Fox that she had pill bottles with her, apparently hoping to prove she had prescriptions for the drugs allegedly found at her home.

Fox told Love she was not doing herself "any favours" by speaking.

At the end of the hearing, the always controversial Love broke down and was seen wiping tears from her eyes outside the courtroom.

Fox has experience with celebrities: the judge also presided over the film star Winona Ryder's 2002 shoplifting trial, and Zsa-Zsa Gabor's 1989 trial for driving without a licence and slapping a policeman.

In the end the judge delayed the hearing on whether to try Love until April 15 to allow her lawyers more time to prepare.

Love pleaded innocent to charges of illegal possession of two powerful painkillers, hydrocodone and oxycodone.

Prosecutors claim that the pills were discovered after Love was taken to a hospital October 2 for treatment of a reported overdose.

The alleged overdose took place just hours after police arrested her standing in her nightgown outside a home -- reportedly belonging to a former boyfriend -- where a suspected burglary was reported.

After allegedly admitting to breaking the home windows, police said they took Love to a police station where they noted she was under the influence of drugs.


Love was later released on 2,500 dollars bail, and the homeowner declined to prosecute.

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