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Tue Oct 26 2004 13:52:21 ET

Talk radio giant Howard Stern confronted his longtime FCC nemesis Michael Powell on Ronn Owens' KGO morning show on Tuesday morning.

FCC Chairman Powell's interview on the San Francisco-based show (9-10am PDT) had been promoted in the media beforehand prompting Stern to unexpectedly call in for a tense 15 minute conversation.

"The commissioner handled himself well, but seemed uncomfortable," Owens told the DRUDGE REPORT in between segments. "But he made no attempt to make me end the call.

"Stern was firm but respectable. There was no yelling."

According to Owen's producer Mark Silverman, Stern confronted Powell on his resume suggesting the FCC chair received the job because his father is Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Powell responded that he was as qualified as any other person who had filled the seat prior to him.

Stern also hit Powell on what he considers a media double standard over the topics that have gotten him in trouble with the Federal Communications Commission.

Silverman paraphrased the conversation as he had just heard it: 'How come Oprah can do a topic and not get fined, yet i do topic and get fined?'

Quotes from the show are forthcoming as Owens' team get ready to field media inquiries.


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