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Oklahoma's 'Penis Pump Judge' hit with 3 felonies
Fri Jan 21 2005 08:43:05 ET

Former Creek County District Judge Donald D. Thompson was charged Thursday with three felony counts of indecent exposure in the courthouse where he served almost 23 years.

Thompson, 58, made his initial court appearance on the charges shortly before 5 p.m. and was released on his own recognizance pending a preliminary hearing March 22.

District Attorney Richard L. Smothermon, the special prosecutor appointed by Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson, did not object to Thompson's release on his own recognizance.

TULSA WORLD reports the indecent exposures are alleged to have occurred on May 13, Aug. 22 and Sept. 11, 2003, in Thompson's chambers or in his courtroom during civil or criminal trials.

Smothermon filed the felony counts after more than four months of investigating allegations that Thompson used a penis pump or masturbated while on the bench or in his chambers.

Each count carries a punishment of 30 days to 10 years in prison and/or fines of $500 to $20,000.


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