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Mon Jan 31 205 21:00:34 ET

This is the face of Michael Jackson's biggest nightmare: Janet Arvizo, the mother of the boy who alleges he was abused.

The media may be shielding her face from public view for now, but if the case holds together through trial, she will become the center of blistering international media attention.

Janet Arvizo married Army Reserves Major Jay Jackson in Las Vegas. She is now: Janet Jackson!


She has been moved into protective custody with her husband, and with alleged victim Gavin Arvizo, age 15, his little brother, Star Arvizo, 14, and older sister, Davellin Arvizo, 18.

Lawyers for Michael Jackson claimed on Monday the Arvizo boys have recently been spotted shopping in Beverly Hills -- with the district attorney!


The family's accusations are at the heart of criminal charges brought against Jackson by Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon: All will take the stand in open court.

But mother Janet Arvizo's conflicting and documented accounts of what transpired at the Neverland compound are seen to be a major hurdle for Sneddon.

Shortly after the famed GRANADA/ABC Martin Bashir documentary aired, Janet offered words of support for her son's "hero."

She said: "At no time has Gavin ever been treated with anything other than love, respect and the deepest kindness by Michael. Michael has been so important in Gavin being able to recover from cancer. His constant support, both practical and emotional, helped give my beautiful little boy the strength to fight his cancer."

Janet now claims she did not know of the abuse at the time.

She also claims she was pressure into making a show of support for Jackson.

But the Arvizo family was also caught on film strongly denying any Jackson wrongdoing.

"There were tears, they were holding hands, they were talking about Jesus and God and Michael as the ultimate father figure," claimed videographer Christian Robinson on ABC last year.

Robinson says he spent two years recording Michael Jackson and those who made it into the pop star's inner circle.

Robinson claims the alleged victim, his brother, his sister and his mother all said Jackson did nothing wrong.

"Yeah. I asked. And they answered, and they were very up front and they, of course, said absolutely not," said Robinson. "All of them, every single one," he said.

"And just to clarify that even a little bit more, during this interview I told them to speak truthfully probably more than 30 times. I kept on reminding them, I'm like I want you guys to tell the truth," Robinson explained.

It's going to be a 'Janet Jackson' vs Michael Jackson showdown this spring in a California courtroom!


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