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60 MINS: Prosecutor Says Probe Will Go On in Case Swirling Near Delay
Sat Mar 05 2005 20:03:59 ET

A Texas prosecutor who gained the indictments of three associates of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Tex., says that his investigation of illegal corporate campaign contributions and money laundering will continue and that ``We're following the truth ... wherever that leads.'

WASH POST reports Sunday: In an interview that will be aired tonight on CBS's '60 Minutes,' Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle repeatedly skirted questions about whether DeLay might face prosecution. And during a related civil trial in Austin last week, DeLay's name repeatedly came up, but no evidence was presented that the veteran GOP leader had done anything wrong.

CBS's 12-minute segment, called ``The D.A. and Tom DeLay,' has been anxiously awaited by Republicans since correspondent Lesley Stahl asked DeLay questions about the investigation during a Capitol Hill news conference in January on tsunami relief.

``This is not about Democrats and Republicans,' Earle told CBS during an interview at his Austin office just before Christmas. ``This is about cops and robbers. This is about the abuse of power.'


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