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Sun Sep 25 2005 20:58:00 ET

Sharon Osbourne is still battling bulimia after 35 years with the eating disorder, she revealed on Monday.

Sharon, 52, told the Sun newspaper she gorges on pasta and ice cream before forcing herself to be sick.

The mum-of-three has had her stomach stapled and spent �300,000 on cosmetic surgery but said even this had not cured her of the condition.

She still has impulsive eating binges and makes herself sick once a week, although this is down from a staggering four times a day.

She said: "Some people do drink and drugs but for me it's food, food, food. It's about having low self esteem. It's not socially acceptable to be fat - people take the piss out of you."

The petite star, who is only 5ft 2in, said she weighed 16 stone 5lb years ago.

She said: "I literally had to lift the rolls of fat off my belly to wash under it, that's how fat I was. How bad is that? Ozzy loved me as I was - but I didn't."

She has since lost half her body weight by having her stomach stapled and then had eight operations including a tummy tuck, boob job and facelift.

But she revealed the disorder which started when she was a teenager is still a part of her life.

She said: "I'm still bulimic. It's bad but I'm really trying to get better. I stuff myself with food like ice cream and pasta then rush to the loo and make myself sick."

The wife and former manager of ex-Black Sabbath member Ozzy Osbourne admitted her husband and three children were worried for her.

Ozzy was for a long time the most famous family member while Sharon, as first his manager and then his lover and wife, stayed in the background.

But she shot to fame in her own right courtesy of reality show the Osbournes which laid their family life bare and documented her struggle with colon cancer.

Sharon beat the disease and the series went on to net the couple a fortune.

They are now said to be worth �100 million but Sharon said she still sees a therapist every week to help control her eating problems and remains petrified her cancer could return.


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