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Sat Oct 29 2005 12:08:08 ET

More than nine troubled months after taking the oath of office and in the wake of the indictment of a senior administration official, President Bush will try to give his second term a fresh start by naming a new nominee to the Supreme Court, intensifying his drive to cut government spending and continuing to speak more bluntly about the threat from Islamic fundamentalism, the NEW YORK TIMES reports on Sunday.

The administration's goal was to reassure its divided and demoralized conservative base, chalk up a few victories on Capitol Hill and set the stage for a more robust comeback next year after months that have seen one misstep and setback after another.

Elsewhere in the Old Gray Lady, the dueling columnists: Frank Rich, who claims, special counsel Fitzgerald fills in a piece of the puzzle; while David Brooks maintains: Democrats make the facts fit the conspiracy theory.


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