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Sat Nov 05 2005 11:06:43 ET

New Jersey Public Radio & Television aired a report Friday night in which New Jersey Democratic Candidate for Governor Jon Corzine was grilled about whether a staffer he allegedly had an affair with -- had an abortion.

NJN News? Michael Aron reported Friday: ?The press is interested right now in personal conduct. Corzine was asked about a persistent rumor that he had an affair with a staffer whom the reporter identified by name.?

Sen. Jon Corzine: ?A, not true. B, I?m not going to comment on the kind of, I think, low, guttural politics that?s going on over and over in this state, and I think the ad that was talked about was just symptomatic of that.?

NJN?s Michael Aron: ?He was asked about a rumor that the same staffer had an abortion in Ohio. ? Reporter: ?Can you respond to those rumors that are circulating??

Corzine: ?Trash.?

Saturday's edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES reported the incident but ignored the specifics: ?But Mr. Corzine did deny a new allegation raised by reporters yesterday regarding another woman.?

TIMES reporter David Kocieniewski has been investigating the claims, sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

"He had the details. He's sat on the details," says a source.

Meanwhile, sex charges have been leveled at Corzine's republican challenger, Doug Forrester.

At an appearance in Woodbridge, Forrester denied that he had an extramarital affair, which was reported in a NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, which attributed the allegation to an e-mail it had received. "These are false accusations. It is wrong. It is despicable. It is the example of the kind of campaign that Jon Corzine has been running from the beginning," he said.

A final debate is set for tonight at 7.

New Jersey voters head to the polls on Tuesday.


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