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Turkish woman suffers from bird flu -- and social alienation
Wed Jan 18 2006 08:31:32 ET

A Turkish woman infected with bird flu has complained that she is being otracised by her husband and co-villagers, fearful that she may infect them with the lethal virus, press reports said Wednesday.

Gulten Yesilirmak, a 37-year-old mother of three from a village in the central province of Sivas, said the disease put the "last straw" on her already troubed relationship with her spouse.

"Because of this disease, my husband no longer wants to live with me," she told the popular Vatan newspaper. "We will very probably break up."

She complained that people in her village, Yellice, were also shying away from her.

"Some people say I was the one to bring the disease to the village and that I did it deliberately," Anatolia news agency quoted her as saying.

Yesilirmak was discharged from hospital on January 9 after her condition improved, but returned several days later for what doctors described as "social problems."

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