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Mon Apr 09 2007 19:50:21 ET

To air Monday Night on CBS 'LATE SHOW':

Letterman: ?But you know what I?m getting to, people will say, they say, ?Oh well, this is Barack Obama?s ? he?s only been a senator for two years, so maybe we?re looking at some sort of a compromise on the ticket. Maybe he?ll be the Presidential candidate, Hillary might be the vice president, maybe the reverse of that. Any of that occur at this point or not??

Obama: ?No, you don?t run for second. I don?t believe in that, yeah.?

Letterman: ?But that would be a powerful ticket. Undeniably that would be a powerful ticket.?

Obama: ?Which order are we talking about?? (audience roars with laughter; Obama, Dave, laugh; audience applauds)

Letterman: ?Let?s say you?re the presidential candidate and Hillary is the vice presidential candidate. Now, if she were sitting here, it would be different than that, but ? ? (audience laughs; Obama laughs)

Obama: ?I have terrific respect for Hillary. She?s a terrific senator. She does a great job for New York. ?

Letterman: ?Right, but that?s what I?m saying. Is there any thought to that in ? I mean, is it unspoken? Is it discussed at all or is it only the kind of thing people like to write about and talk about on TV??

Obama: ?You know, I think all the candidates are in to win and one of the things about the process is by the end of it, after having gone through all the debates and all the campaigning out in various states, people get a pretty good sense of who various candidates are and, but I think we?re all on the same team. We?re all Democrats. I think most of us want to see a healthcare system that provides coverage to everybody. Most of want to see an education system that gives opportunity to every kid. All of us think that we?ve got to start getting our troops out of Iraq, and so really what we?re doing is we?re trying out for quarterback??


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