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**World Exclusive**
**Warning: Graphic Details**

Talkradio sensation Art Bell has been living in his personal hell world for
nearly two years.

It can now be revealed that Bell's son was sexually assaulted by a school
teacher that was carrying HIV.

The crime against Bell's son -- and later the son's suicide attempt -- was
the reason Bell dramatically left the air last October.

Bell's son, now 18, told authorities that he was taken May 16, 1997 to
Tecopa Hot Springs, California from Pahrump, Nevada, bound in chains, and
was forced to commit sex acts on one of his substitute teachers, according
to case intelligence.

The teacher, Brian Eugene Lepley, 34, is now serving life in prison for the
attack on Art Bell's son.

Lepley befriended Bell, then 16, and his friends by bringing beer and
marijuana to their parties, and then soliciting sex from them.

Arthur Bell IV told authorities that had he not been intoxicated, he never
would have had sexual contact with Lepley.

Bell explained to the police that Lepley never told him that he was
carrying HIV.

On Friday, Bell filed a federal lawsuit against the Nye County School
District and Lepley, charging that he has suffered physical injuries, as
well as severe mental and emotional distress.

"The boy's life has been completely destroyed by all of this," one
well-placed source told the DRUDGE REPORT.

Talkshow host Art Bell has been living a nightmare to end all nightmares.

Last fall, this report was first to reveal that Bell had quit radio to take
care of a grave family crises involving his son.

The report did not reveal the full story at that time out of respect for
the family and the age of the son, then a minor.

Bell, heard on over 400 radio stations, has since returned to the airwaves
in a limited capacity.

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