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July VANITY FAIR has sold-out in Hollywood, just one day after hitting the
stands. "Gone," laughed a newsstand manager on Baloney Boulevard. "They're
buying it for the Reagan story too, not just for the Monica Lewinsky
pictures," notes a clerk at a separate location. "It's a smash... already
ordered 500 more," says another... PENTHOUSE magazine confirmed to the
DRUDGE REPORT late Wednesday that it has recently taken a pass on a "video"
that was presented as Monica Lewinsky -- in the nude. "We were not
satisfied that it was authentic," a rep for the magazine explained.
PENTHOUSE magazine owner Bob Guccione personally handled the matter
himself... HYDE WANTS FULL REPORT: "I would prefer not getting an interim
report," the chair of the judiciary committee tells Peter Baker of the
WASHINGTON POST in Thursday editions. "I would prefer getting a full
report, if one was to come up," Henry Hyde says of any upcoming
Starr/Lewinsky findings...

* * * *

Careful, George!

On Wednesday's Imus in the Morning, former White House adviser George
Stephanopolous may have opened himself up. In explanation of his remark
that President Clinton would be in grave trouble if Lewinsky made a deal
with Starr, Stephanopulos pointed out that Eliot Abrams had been convicted
of perjury in Iran-Contra.

Slight problem.

History shows that Abrams was not convicted of anything, and was never even
accused of perjury!

Abrams was accused of making a false statement to Congress by prosecutor
Walsh. He ultimately pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Stephanopolous, author of the new book ALL TOO HUMAN, should know better.
If he said such a thing about certain White House staffers -- why, he'd
probably get sued for defamation!




More details have now been learned about the aggressive media PR offensive
currently being undertaken to launch the new media watch magazine, BRILL'S
CONTENT. A public relations plan that has Founder, CEO and Editor In Chief
Steve Brill spinning media -- the very same media he pledged to objectively

"It's time to hold journalists accountable... I want to tip the balance...
back with those who use information, not those who manufacture it," Brill
declares in his open letter announcing the magazine.

But according to one internal office memo reviewed by the DRUDGE REPORT,
Brill himself is now planning to selectively release the first feature story
from his Premiere Issue to selective media outlets. To maximize press
exposure. To create press buzz building to the magazine's official launch
on June 23.

Brill's first story examines the media coverage of the Monica Lewinsky mess,
it is said to be 30-pages long, even after a trim, with the title PRESSGATE.

"It is a tremendous piece of reporting," one well-placed magazine source
tells the DRUDGE REPORT. "Brill has really knocked himself out with this."

Brill is currently finalizing the press list for a selective Saturday drop
of the story, presumably to get Sunday Morning quote-hits. [Stand by for
news, Tim Russert.]

The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that plans also call for a selective
second-tier Monday drop of the story.

[Feed the hungry machine slowly.]

Brill, who notes in his launch letter: "CONTENT is not about big vs. little,
In's vs. Out's," appears to be putting that formula on hold until after his
PRESSGATE distribution.

There have been internal discussions on which media outlets and reporters
will get a sneak look at the entire magazine and who will only get a copy of
the PRESSGATE story. Who will get FED EX'd, who will get it via mail, who
should get faxed, etc. [Who's in? Who's out?]

This reporter may not be on any list. But in the spirit of full hype
disclosure... I will share an hour on LARRY KING LIVE with Steve Brill next
Tuesday, 9:00 PM ET on CNN, discussing the future of journalism.



Thousands of firefighters, from U.S. professionals in $300 boots to Indian
peasants in sandals, are battling sweeping blazes in the Mexican rain
forests that experts are already calling an environmental catastrophe, the
LOS ANGELES TIMES reports in a Page One above the fold, with art.

Reporter Mary Beth Sheridan files from Zanatepec on what one official
describes as "the tragedy of the century in Mexico."

"The fires, rampaging through drought-parched fields and woods, have burned
at least 1.1 million acres this year in Mexico, an area almost the size of
Delaware... Some fires can only be reached by a four-day walk through the
jungle... At least 1,500 of the world's most endangered species live in the
Chimalapas rain forest. Rare howler monkeys and panthers raced from the
flames; baby birds, insects and plants -- from orchids to lichens -- were

One DRUDGE REPORT reader in Mexico recently e-mailed a personal description
of the tragedy: "I sniff the air like a tired old hound dog... You can
smell it, taste it. The breeze feels like it's forced out of a blast
furnace. It reeks of sulfur. Some are calling it the 'stinking wind' ... a
gust of dark ill omen."



Get ready for ABC's '98-'99 promo campaign: "We Love TV," coming soon to
bananas and grocery stores near you! Slapping stickers on fruit is the
latest turn in the TV Wars, coming just days after it was reported that NBC
would license its "Must See TV" campaign on everything from dog collars to
bed sheets.

"We are going to be the champions of television," announced Alan Cohen,
ABC's executive vp for marketing, during a news conference on Wednesday.
ABC is keeping the yellow campaign it launched last year. Cohen went for
laugh track, highlighting new ABC slogans: "Hello? It's free," "Don't just
sit there. OK, just sit there," "Before TV, two world wars. After TV, zero,"
"You're breathing. We're broadcasting. Let's get together," "Without a TV,
how would you know where to put the sofa?", "TV, so good they named a frozen
meal after it," "If TV's so bad for you, why is there one in every hospital

As ratings and shares fall, as audiences vanish, who can blame the silliness.

Thursday's NEW YORK TIMES reports: "In a promotional videotape shown at the
news conference, Drew Carey, the star of one of ABC's few hits, THE DREW
CAREY SHOW, lampooned the lampoon by rendering the new theme as "Everybody
loves everybody else on ABC."

Make mine a banana split...

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