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Independent Counsel Ken Starr has rehearsed testimony that details a pattern
of obstruction by the White House extending beyond the matter of Monica
Lewinsky, Wednesday's NEW YORK TIMES is set to report.

The blockbuster, a prerelease was obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT, will lead
the TIMES and is being filed by the paper's Don Van Natta Jr., according to
publishing sources.

"Although he has not made a final decision about the contents of his
two-hour opening statement on Thursday, Starr has discussed the possibility
of drawing parallels between the White House's alleged coverup in the
Lewinsky affair and earlier alleged attempts to thwart other aspects of the
four-year-old Whitewater inquiry."

Van Natta reports that Starr is preparing to highlight the "systematic"
campaign by the White House and its loyalists to delay and undermine his
office's investigation this year.

"We apologize to no one for seeking the truth," Starr said during a moot
court-style proceedings in his office conference room in recent days.

"While a video camera records the sessions, several senior prosecutors
rattle off hostile questions that they anticipate committee Democrats will
pose," reveals the TIMES.

Developing. Story set to hit NEW YORK TIMES web at Midnight EST.



Nathan Naylor, press spokesman for US Vice-President Al Gore, was giving
staff from the American television networks an advance briefing during last
week's trip to Honduras by Mr. Gore's wife, Tipper.

"She's gonna be shovellin' mud," Naylor told the crews. "Then she'll wipe
the sweat from her brow, like this. Make sure you get that shot, all right?"

Naylor even did the gestures, pretending to shovel with an imaginary spade
then running his right hand along his forehead to brush off imaginary sweat.


According to a report by Phil Davison in the INDEPENDENT newspaper of
London, Tipper Gore was playing for the camera as she was praying for the
camera during her recent visit to El Chile, Honduras, where she viewed
damaged caused by Hellstorm Mitch.

"When Mrs Gore arrived, the choreography went perfectly," Davison, who has
been covering the damage nightmare in daily dispatches, reports.

"Well, almost. Residents did not really know who she was. Some thought she
was Diana, Princess of Wales. News arrives slowly in these parts, even
before the hurricane."

"As she tramped down narrow street in the slums of this barrio near
Tegucigalpa, badly hit by Hurricane Mitch, she spotted an old lady
shovelling thick, dark mud from the front door of her simple stone home.

"'Does she need some help. Is this where I'm supposed to shovel?' America's
'Second Lady' asked Mr Naylor. 'No, no, it's further down,' he replied."

Tipper Gore's Hurricane Mitch relief mission continued.

The second lady finally arrived at the scene of her photo opportunity, a
6-foot pile of hardened mud in a narrow street.

"It was a strange pile, squarish and flattened, and it seemed odd that it
had been left to block the street and hamper rescue efforts," Davison details.

"But to everything there is a purpose."

Lights! Camera! Action! The wife of the vice president of the United
States was ready to attack her mud pile with a spade: "I counted eight
shovelfuls and, sure enough, up came the glove to flick away the sweat,"
Davison writes.

"As Mrs. Gore approached, Naylor skillfully helped a television crew clamber
up the pile for the perfect shot."

"Mr Naylor spun round to look at the cameras. The stills were whirring, the
videos' red lights were on. His face took on the look of a man by a peat
fire sipping a cognac and smoking a pipe. Mission accomplished."

[According to the report, there was a temporary distraction when a young
girl sank up to her waist in soft mud nearby, which required an emergency
rescue by the police and soldiers escorting the second lady.]

Gore Press Secretary Naylor promised reporters that the second lady would be
spending the night in a tent. There would be a photo-op, of course.

Davison explains: "Mrs. Gore did what is known in Latin America as a 'bano
de pueblo', or 'people bath,' living in local conditions as a sign of
solidarity... The only trouble was the victims were not sleeping in tents
but in a school building. Not to worry. Her aides had brought a tent
along. They had, of course, also rented a room in a local luxury hotel, so
she nipped back there, her police escorts' sirens blaring, to freshen up
before returning to her tent to sleep."

"How well she slept nobody knows. But she was up at 4.30am, long before the
refugees. That enabled her to appear live on a US television breakfast show."

A few days later, Tipper Gore joined President Bill Clinton in Washington
during his weekly radio address.

Mrs. Gore: "Thank you, Mr. President. In Honduras we visited a
neighborhood devastated by the storm. We joined the effort to clean up the
school that will become a medical facility... That night I slept in a tent
outside a shelter with homeless families..."



"By midafternoon, MSNBC had switched to its 'Hollywood Squares' format, with
pundits shouting at each other from four boxes." -- WASHINGTON POST gossip
columnist Howard Kurtz offering his Lewinsky Tape Day wrap in Wednesday

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