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Norris Carden's (www.nuzman.com) e-mail collection of Drudge's Special Reports (5/31/1997 - 1/17/2001.)

DRUDGE-REPORT 07-11 10:01
MAHER on ABC Thursday night received few chuckles from A.C. NIELSEN. The
overnight numbers for the broadcast -- 5.1 rating/9 share for the original
primetime episode of the show [10-10:30 ET] and 4.6/8 for the primetime
rerun that followed -- are being seen as a disappointment to a network that
can't seem to get anything started anymore. The POLITICALLY INCORRECT hour
was off 28% from ABC's TURNING POINT, which aired in the same time slot a
week prior. Maher finished last in his time slot, trailing CBS' 48 HOURS
by more than 45% and a rerun of NBC's ER by 65 clooney points. "The demos
came in fine, and I think the audience will grow as the summer continues,"
an ABC executive explained to the DRUDGE REPORT on Friday morning. Maher
is scheduled for additional primetime airings on Thursdays throughout July.
Talk inside of the network about making POLITICALLY INCORRECT a permanent
fixture in primetime -- these specials are not merely Tarses filling holes
-- seems to be cooling as a result of the weak numbers. [National ratings
to be released later in the afternoon are not expected to show any increase
for Maher.] But POLITICALLY INCORRECT's late night fringe airings continue
to rock. For the week of June 30-July 4, he ranked as either the No. 1 or
No. 2 late night network series in 27 of the nation's 36 metered markets
[he's hot in the cities] including all of the top ten markets. In fact, he
was No. 1 in six of the nation's top ten metered markets, smashing
Letterman in 17 markets. The average audience of late night POLITICALLY
INCORRECT now stands at 3,000,000 viewers.

-- Matt Drudge in Hollywood X X X X

TDR-07-11-97 10:01:19 PDT

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