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WASHINGTON -- Summertime, and the living here ain't easy. It's not
just the temps outside -- ninety-plus degrees for the past six
consecutive days -- it's the heat inside the city's halls of power and
shame. Mouth heat. Within the past hour, President Clinton's
personal lawyer lashed out in a statement against Whitewater
prosecutor Starr. "Frightening abuse of the grand jury process and
the law enforcement power" is how Bob Bennett is now describing
Starr's performance on the case.

The fireworks started exploding over The Mall this morning with a Bob
Woodward in the WASHINGTON POST: "Starr Probes Clinton Personal

[Cute. Woodward jumping on the Whitewater train at this late date is
being seen as comedy to many conservative journalists here. "So I
guess he doesn't want to miss out on the story after all," a sweaty
editor for a weekly told me over lunch at The Palm.]

FBI agents and prosecutors working for independent counsel's
Whitewater investigation have questioned Arkansas state troopers in
recent months about their knowledge of any extramarital relationships
Bill Clinton may have had while he was Arkansas governor -- Woodward
grinds it up and makes hamburger.

"The troopers said investigators asked about 12 to 15 women by name,
including Paula Corbin Jones, a former Arkansas state employee who has
filed a civil lawsuit against Clinton alleging he sexually harassed
her in 1991," reported Woodward.

Trooper Roger Perry: "[Starr's people] asked me if I had ever seen
Bill Clinton perform a sexual act... In the past, I thought they were
trying to get to the bottom of Whitewater. This last time, I was left
with the impression that they wanted to show he was a womanizer. ...
All they wanted to talk about was women."

"For the independent counsel to pry into Mr. Clinton's sex life is a
frightening abuse of the grand jury process and the law enforcement
power," Clinton attorney Bennett blasted in his written statement,
currently being battlefaxed to every news organization in town.

"This started as some highbrow criminal investigation and ended up as
some tawdry use of federal money and power to ask about sex lives,"
James Carville going for damage.

There is late word out of Capital Hill that a coalition is forming
that will publicly ask sex-starved Starr to step down, or at least
make a call for Reno to investigate.

Most importantly, it is still not known what timetable the Whitewater
prosecutor is operating on towards any resolution, on any front.

Ninety-nine degrees last hour down at National. And that was just
under the sheets.

Filed by Matt Drudge in Washington
6/25/97 14:39 EDT
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant.
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