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Atlanta interrupts with a heartstopper. The bright red "Breaking News"
logo appears, the anchor rushes. "This just in to CNN. We are receiving
information that Air Force One has crashed. Repeat, Air Force One has
crashed. There are unconfirmed reports that the President was aboard at
the time the plane went down! It is not known..."

"Cut! Let's try that again. This time with more drama, please!"


For the second time this summer, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, news
network CNN has agreed to recreate events for Hollywood film.

The upcoming SONY release AIR FORCE ONE [July 25] is said to feature a
dramatic moment involving "CNN Breaking News", acted and used to further
plot development in a story that has the President of the United States
attacked by terrorists during a trip aboard Air Force One. Harrison Ford
stars in the thriller.

The use of the CNN logo and its on-air talent in the film was revealed
during a test screening last week near Los Angeles. "[Director] Wolfgang
Petersen is obviously going for a realistic and authentic feel by using
CNN" to turn the plot, says a source who attended the screening.

During an emotional moment in the film, a CNN Breaking News logo appears
with an anchor announcing that Air Force One has crashed with the President
is believed to be aboard.

A spokesman for CNN refused comment on the network's participation in AIR
FORCE ONE. [The rep turned hostile when questioned about the amount CNN
was paid.] The total blur of journalistic ethic is bound to cause
commotion in media circles.

A senior executive at CNN's parent company, TIME WARNER, who asked not to
be identified, expressed outrage after learning of the network's
involvement in the film.

"This is the first I've heard of it," the executive said late Monday. "The
scene with the CNN logo should immediately be cut out before the film is
released ... at a minimum, the logo should be changed to something other
than CNN. This is crazy and will hurt our integrity. I can't imagine Ted
Turner approving this. Acting out news of a plane crash involving the
President? Unconscionable!"

Attempts to reach Turner proved unsuccessful as this transmits.

"Typical DRUDGE REPORT overreaction," laughs one Hollywood-based
entertainment producer. "Honestly, CNN is as much a part of our pop
culture as Pluto and Mickey Mouse, anyone who sees the movie and believes
the events are actually occurring deserves the trauma."

Word of CNN's apparent role in AIR FORCE ONE comes just weeks after network
anchorman Bernie Shaw "acted news" during an extended scene in boxoffice
champ LOST WORLD. In the film, reporting for CNN, Shaw announces the
return of Spielberg's San Diego T. rex dinosaurs to the island whence they

Many of us here in California felt a lot safer after hearing Shaw's report;
many of us will be quick to rally our support behind Vice President
Katherine Bennett [Glenn Close] during the terrorist nightmare. After
all, we trust, and we always will, everything we see on CNN.

* * * *

SCRIPPS HOWARD has the annual meeting of the American Psychological
Association set to present new studies of on-line behavior, including
"pathological Internet use"...

Filed by Matt Drudge
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant.
All comments: drudge@drudgereport.com
P.O. BOX 1171, Hollywood, CA 90028
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