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**World Exclusive**

Of all the evidence in the Monica Lewinsky case that will become public in
the coming weeks, a single photograph has haunted those who have seen it --
a photograph that shows President Clinton holding hands and staring into the
eyes of White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Multiple sources in and out of government have now described a photograph
that is in the posession of investigators: A photograph taken in 1995 that
shows President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky alone, facing each other, looking
intensely into each other's eyes, with the president holding both of
Lewinsky's hands!

Prosecutor Kenneth Starr's office is in possession of at least 75
photographs that capture President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky together in
various settings, the DRUDGE REPORT first revealed in April.

The majority of the pictures that Starr has obtained have come directly from
the White House itself under subpoena.

"The amount of pictures of the two together, or near each other, just takes
your breath away," a source who has flipped through the pictures in Starr's
office tells the DRUDGE REPORT. "One picture, that is in perfect focus,
shows them lost in each other's eyes."

The White House refuses to publicly release photographs, letters and other
documents relating to the Monica Lewinsky mess.

The haunting picture that shows Clinton and Lewinsky holding hands,
face-to-face, is clearly circumstantial evidence -- but it is that stray
photo that will become the talk of a nation once it is made public.

Filed by Matt Drudge
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant
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