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The curtain rose on the campaign-finance hearings on Tuesday. Sen. Fred D.
Thompson [R-TN] said investigators from his Governmental Affairs Committee
had found direct evidence of a Chinese plan to pour money into U.S.
political campaigns.

But just hours before the hearings began, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick was
twirling up a storm on CNBC's HARDBALL with Chris Matthews. HARDBALL
turned softball as Fitzpatrick went on and on about the Thompson
investigation, what they'll find, the importance of it all. In her rush
to be the insider's insider, Fitzpatrick failed to mention that she has
been dating Thompson. [Insider's view of the inside, indeed.] "Outrageous
... I can't believe she put herself in such a set up position," e-mailed
one watcher. In the era of anything for camera time, when you're nobody
unless you're being beamed on a dish somewhere, I can.

FOOTNOTE: The NEW YORK TIMES on Wednesday is already walking out of the
hearings: "Few Leads Found To Show Chinese Money In '96 Race" -- they'll
conclude on Page 1. "One Republican investigator said that aside from some
anecdotal evidence, the inquiry was running into dead ends trying to prove
that Chinese money flowed illicitly into U.S. campaigns...What is known,
according to federal investigators, is that the U.S. government intercepted
communications between the Chinese government and Chinese officials in this
country in what sounded to them like a covert campaign to influence, and
possibly subvert, the U.S. elections in 1996. The very fragmentary
intercepts were captured in late 1995 and early 1996."

PREVIEW: Richard Sullivan, the 33-year-old former Democratic National
Committee finance director, is the first witness up on Wednesday. The
girls think he's cute, investigators think he'll talk. Sullivan is
expected to provide specific details about sensitive behind-the-scenes
operations at the DNC. He'll be naming names and telling tales about top
party colleagues Fowler, Huang and Trie, according to one late script leak
out of Washington Tuesday night...

* * * *

VP Gore furious with Chief of Staff, Ron Klain -- quietly looking for
replacement...Maureen Dowd shifted back to Sunday [?] now that Frank Rich
has shut it down, taken a leave of absence from the TIMES until at least
November. Rich slot now open, who will fill? ..

...More than 25 news reporters from CNN had roles in CONTACT and the CNN
programs LARRY KING LIVE and CROSSFIRE were also included. Ann Druyan,
Carl Sagan's widow, makes a cameo appearance as herself, debating Rob
Lowe's character, Richard Rank, on CROSSFIRE with Robert Novak. Bluurrr...

..."We're more popular than Jesus Christ now... Some of the pop stars I
like are more important to me than God. I would hope we mean more to people
than putting money in a church basket and saying 10 Hail Marys on a
Sunday." -- Noel Gallagher on the influence of his band OASIS in the
British music tab NME. Asked if OASIS is more important to the youth of
today than God, he dared: "I would have to say, without a shadow of a
doubt, that is true"...

* * * *


It may be too early to officially declare Dan Rather's new syndicated
column for KING FEATURES a complete bust, but many in the newspaper
business have apparently decided that there simply isn't room on their
pages for his insights.

Rather has been writing his column for more than two months; he's done
pieces on Gingrich, Clinton, McVeigh and China. His writing style is a
fresh mix of Alan and Marilyn Bergman lyric, Murrow adventure and Peggy
Noonan drama:

"Deep in the interior of Southeast China, far from the booming coastal
areas you read and hear so much about, light- years from the glitter of
Hong Kong, nobody is rich -- everybody is poor," Rather wrote last week.

He continued: "It is a land where the buffalo roam - water buffalo. These
beasts of burden have done heavy farm work... The much-publicized booming,
changing Chinese economy hasn't touched Huang Gong. Life and work in the
Good Earth go on..."


But outside of a few runs in the CHICAGO SUN TIMES and Denver's ROCKY
MOUNTAIN NEWS -- Rather's writings have been left on the wires to rot.

The SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS has been the only paper in the country to
consistently carry Rather, and its not even Lexis-Nexised. The anchorman
writes, but nobody sees.

* * * *


President Clinton's lawyers in the Paula Corbin Jones case are finally
asking the question: What "distinguishing characteristic" does she claim
to have seen on Bill Clinton's body?

The WASHINGTON POST's Peter Baker in Wednesday editions:

"In a set of interrogatories sent to Jones last week, the Clinton legal
team requested a copy of an affidavit she signed describing the physical
traits she said she noticed when she was allegedly propositioned by the
then-Arkansas governor in a Little Rock hotel room... Jones has never said
in public and her attorneys have resisted revealing that detail, deeming it
one of their trump cards."

Jones has 30 days to respond.

This space was first to reveal the theory that the "characteristic" is a
bald eagle tatoo. An Arkansas state trooper on the talk radio circuit says
he's seen a mole, the size of a quarter, near Clinton's crotch.

But now there is new talk in and around the Jones camp. Word is that the
"characteristic" is likely neither.

The president has a medical condition that causes skin irritation --
clearly visible to the eye. This, the story goes, is her claim. Jones
will ask for an independent physical examination, likely from an urologist.
Baker has Bennett flaring up, vowing to fight any such proposal all the
way to the Supreme Court, again.

The case will reach the trial stage in early '98 if the President and Jones
fail to settle out of court.

SIDE: In addition to the request for specifics on the "characteristic,"
according to Baker, was an interrogatory seeking answers from Jones to 21
questions. Many of the questions focus on her possible financial motives
for accusing Clinton of misconduct and her connections to conservatives
such as evangelist Jerry Falwell and journalist David Brock, who was last
seen roped to a tree somewhere in Rock Creek Park, still not believing what
hell he's started by writing the five-letter word: Paula.

Filed by Matt Drudge
7/9/97 02:21:25 UTC
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