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New York City cable channel NY1 is first to report, the suspected murderer
of Jonathan Levin, the son of TIME WARNER chairman Gerald Levin, was an
aspiring rapper known in NYC clubs as "Big C."

Corey Arthur was arrested in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.
The 19-year-old was charged Saturday in the slaying of his former high
school teacher. Levin's decomposing body was discovered Monday night in
his apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side -- bound, stabbed and shot in
the head. Cash and bank card were missing from his wallet.

Ironically, less than a month ago, activist C. DeLores Tucker reignited the
controversy over TIME WARNER and its promotion of gangsta rap music,
publicly slamming the world's largest media company at its annual
stockholder's meeting.

Her comments were directed specifically at Gerald Levin. "Shame, shame,
shame on our family TIME WARNER," Tucker yelled. Claiming once again that
rap lyrics promote violence, she declared: "You condone the destruction of
our children."

At the session, Levin discounted the notion that rap music leads to
violence, saying that "music is not the cause of society's ills." Levin
at the time noted that his son, a teacher at Taft High School in the Bronx,
used rap music in his classes to communicate with his students.

* * * *


The NEW YORK TIMES on Sunday has Air Force Gen. Joseph Ralston's name
withdrawn from consideration to chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He'll
officially be pulled on Monday. Ralston admitted he had an affair with a
CIA employee 13 years ago. Ralston was separated from his wife at the time
of the affair, but adultery is illegal under the Uniform Code of Military

* * * *

For North America on Friday, June 06, 1997
**Internet Exclusive**

1. CON AIR $7.515 OPEN
2. LOST WORLD $4.815 -49% $157.354 since opening
3. ADDICTED TO LOVE $1.155 -44% $023.742
4. BUDDY $0.955 OPEN
5. GONE FISHIN' $0.810 -49% $008.351
6. TRIAL AND ERROR $0.780 -47% $007.207
7. AUSTIN POWERS $0.650 -33% $041.155
8. FIFTH ELEMENT $0.544 -51% $053.826
9. BREAKDOWN $0.475 -50% $043.853
10.LIAR LIAR $0.300 -33% $167.617
11.FATHER'S DAY $0.135 -71% $026.704
12.BLISS $0.015 OPEN

Dollars are in millions
% denotes change from Friday
Numbers are moved for private recreational use only

* * * *


"Be humble because you're human," President Bill Clinton told the
graduating class of Sidwell Friends on Friday, "...be proud because your
life is God's unique creation." The reviews are in on what one White House
reporter billed as, "Ode To Chelsea." With a wistful recollection of
favorite childhood memories, Clinton delivered the commencement speech at
his daughter's high school graduation. Some 3 1/2 years into his
presidency, he seems to finally have touched them with words. The
president that has had a surprisingly tough time delivering memorable
moments at the pulpit -- "Bridge to the...," "Still... place called Hope"
the weak few -- turned the most jaded political critics into believers on

"The finest speech he's ever given," e-mailed a veteran Washington
reporter, known for being a Clinton basher, after the tassels turned. "It
was only 14 minutes in length, and it was his most effective. His
speechwriters should take note"

One DC watcher is convinced that Clinton used GOP speechwriter Peggy Noonan
for the talk to the class. But a well-placed White House source laughs at
the notion of any new talent being used. According to the source, the
speech was nothing more than Clinton reaching deep and being himself.
Clinton wrote the speech on his own and spent most of the week putting it
together. The source denies the Washington rumor that Linda
Bloodworth-Thomason has secretly started writing speeches for Clinton --
punching up his rhetorical place in history. [Linda and husband Harry have
been missing in action in recent years in Hollywood.]

Clinton told the class:

"So I ask you at the beginning to indulge your folks if we seem a little
sad or we act a little weird. You see, today we are remembering your first
day in school and all the triumphs and travails between then and now.
Though we have raised you for this moment of departure and we are very
proud of you, a part of us longs to hold you once more as we did when you
could barely walk, to read to you just one more time, 'Good Night, Moon' or
'Curious George' or the 'Little Engine That Could.'

"We hope someday that you will have children of your own to bring to this
happy day and know how we feel. Remember that we love you, and no matter
what anybody says, you can come home again... Class of '97, you're
beautiful. Go out and live like it. Be humble and be proud. Be of
service. Be optimistic and grateful. Be brave, and dream your dreams."

* * * *

C-SPAN's WASHINGTON JOURNAL on Sunday has a face/off between Jesse Jackson
and Arianna Huffington -- 8:30 AM for fun...

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