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Norris Carden's (www.nuzman.com) e-mail collection of Drudge's Special Reports (5/31/1997 - 1/17/2001.)



A CNN anchor interrupts regular programming: "We are getting initial
reports into our newsroom that a nuclear bomb has detonated in Russia.
There are conflicting accounts of a train known to be transporting up to a
dozen nuclear warheads crashing in a rural stretch of Russia. Casualties

"Cut! Let's try that again."


For the third time this summer, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, news network
CNN has agreed to recreate events for Hollywood film.

The upcoming DREAMWORKS release THE PEACEMAKER [Sept 26] features several
dramatic moments involving "CNN Breaking News." One such scene involves
urgent reporting of a nuclear warhead exploding. The film starring George
Clooney received a test screening in Los Angeles earlier this week. Plot:
High stakes weapon smuggling inside of the former USSR. Clooney plays a
U.S. agent who ends up getting involved in a nuclear blackmarket
situational with international arms dealers. A rogue Russian general
kidnaps nine nuclear weapons after he stages a train wreck. One nuke ends
up in NYC, CNN provides updates throughout.

CNN is featured in nearly a half a dozen scenes, pivotal to plot, used for
high impact drama.

Real-life CNN employees are now expressing concern over the repeated use of
their network's logo and credibility in movies. One concerned staffer
wonders if the Hollywoodization of CNN is tied to the recent merger between

"Based on your reports, Drudge, it's looking like a decision has been made
from high levels to 'product place' the network," whispers an employee in
CNN's Washington bureau. "It's kind of creepy that we are showing up in so
many films all at once."

Word that CNN is being used to create news reports of a nuclear explosion
in PEACEMAKER comes less than 24 hours after this space revealed the
network's involvement in SONY'S AIR FORCE ONE, reenacting a flash that has
Air Force One crashing with the President supposedly aboard.

One industry watcher believes the recent heating in the all-news cable
market is behind CNN'S rush to the silver screen. "I guess the motto is
'anything to get the logo out there'... remind the audience who is really
out there breaking the news."

There appears to be no specific trend to CNN's product placement, it cuts
across studio gates.

Yet there are late indications that CNN parent, TIME WARNER, has finally
enlisted Atlanta for a close-up in one of their own top summer draws.
Jodie Foster's CONTACT [July 11] reportedly contains CNN reenactments of
the first extraterrestrial radio signals ever picked up on earth. More
phony "this just ins."

CNN now has dinosaurs returning to an island, Air Force One plunging into
the ocean, nuclear explosion with large immediate fallout radius claiming
untold casualties and life intelligence detected in the cosmos. What a

* * * *


TROUBLE IN MEDIA AFTERLIFE for George Stephanopoulos as several senior
executives at ABC-TV are questioning his promise not to work for ABC NEWS
and the White House simultaneously. "Many of us find it a direct conflict
that he is personally advising the White House on the Paula Jones matter,"
one network executive relayed to the DRUDGE REPORT on Wednesday. "When he
came aboard, he assured us that there would be no back-and-forth." For
the record, a friend close to Stephanopoulos characterizes his current
contact with the White House as "informal" and harmless. Stephanopoulos
begins sharing with ghost writer William Novak for his $2.75 million book

...Hill intelligence has pollster Frank Luntz in Rep. John Kasich's (R-OH)
office mid-week...

...Columnist Liz Smith brags on Thursday: "WE-SAID-IT-FIRST NOTE: This
column mentioned Matthew Perry's drastic weight loss some weeks ago. Then
the item was picked up by all the supermarket tabs..."

Standing ovation, Liz.

Filed By Matt Drudge
6/5/97 07:09 UTC
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant.
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