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Special Reports Personal Collection:
Norris Carden's (www.nuzman.com) e-mail collection of Drudge's Special Reports (5/31/1997 - 1/17/2001.)


The DRUDGE REPORT has learned, the White House is warning former DNC chair
Don Fowler not to take the fifth during the upcoming congressional hearings
on campaign fund-raising. GOP probers are quickly zeroing in on Fowler and
his possible role and detailed knowledge of questionable transactions.
Even a request for limited immunity by Fowler would send up flares, White
House strategists believe. Cliffhanger...

KILLER BEES // The working title for the X-FILES movie at FOX is BLACKWOOD.
The production is up and running. The working script contains scenes
being described as "mature" -- beyond television -- likely an R rating.
Plot involves a virus killing off the human race, spread by infected bees.
FOX hopes to turn the series into a movie franchise. NEWS CORP president
and chief operating officer Peter Chernin fights to keep the budget for the
film in check after the VOLCANO/SPEED 2/TITANIC nightmares...

* * * *


There is growing speculation this week both inside and outside of TIME
WARNER that Ted Turner is quietly preparing to become the new CEO of the
world's largest media conglomerate. Speculation inside of the company
intensified late week.

One known factor possibly leading to the whispers is Turner's performance
since the tragic murder of chief Gerald Levin's son last month. Company
intelligence reveals that Turner has become a "de facto CEO" since the
Levin murder, taking on expanded responsibilities and getting favorable
reviews for his handling of the complex TIME WARNER machine.

Turner is currently vice chairman.

One senior executive at TIME WARNER reveals, "[Levin] has been depressed
since the murder of Jonathan, he's taking a break... Turner has really been
in charge since."

The well-placed executive told the DRUDGE REPORT on Friday that Turner has
no intentions of taking the job unless Levin steps down, adding, "There
will be no power grab."

"We are all talking about the possibilities," a Washington-based CNN
producer described in an e-mail. "Ted is dynamic, but as we all know, Ted
is rather eccentric. Will stockholders approve of him in the top spot?"

Concern that Turner may have burned too many bridges to become CEO of TIME
WARNER is everywhere. His public war of words with his media rivals are
legendary and bound to be an issue if the CEO spot is vacated and leans

Earlier this year, Turner infuriated DISNEY employees with his remarks at a
session discussing TIME WARNER's fourth-quarter earnings. He noted how his
company was doing great compared to DISNEY, where "one more heart attack"
would send the whole operation into deep trouble. [DISNEY chairman and
chief executive Michael Eisner had quadruple-bypass heart surgery two years

And speaking before hundreds of TV executives at the National Cable
Television Association's convention in New Orleans in March, Turner
discussed the potential for yet another heart attack. "[Rupert] Murdoch's
turning 66, he's running out of time," reported Turner. "He has to do
something quickly if he is to control everything. But as hard as he works,
he could have a heart attack or a stroke at any time, or he could trip and

When asked at the session if he was wishing for Murdoch's literal death,
Turner replied: "I'm not wishing for it. I'm hoping for it."

* * * *

O.J. stuck Mark Fuhrman switches gears to write a book investigating the
death of White House aide Vince Foster. DEATH IN FORT MARCY PARK: WHO
KILLED VINCE FOSTER," is the working title, reports Michael Shain in the

Crowded. The exhaustive THE STRANGE DEATH OF VINCE FOSTER by Chris Ruddy
hits this fall from SIMON & SCHUSTER.

Fuhrman is due in New York next week to visit publishers, writes Shain.
"He wants to go back to being what he is -- a darn good detective," teases
his agent Lucianne Goldberg. "The investigation of Vince Foster's death
has been taken over by zealots playing Hardy Boys on the Internet... It's
time to put a real homicide detective on the case," reads a 27-page
proposal now circulating among publishers.

* * * *


FEINSTEIN: SACRAMENTO OR BUST! // Senatress Diane Feinstein is preparing
to announce her intension to run for California governor. Several
scenarios have it happening this summer, one report suggests it could be
coming in the next week...

...Members of Congress are paid more than $800 a day. The Libertarian
Party says they worked 167 days last session, figured at the current pay of
$133,600 -- it's an average of $822 a day...

SUNDAY MORNING WAR // ABC's THIS WEEK gives their best shot this weekend
with the first U.S. interview of U.K. PM Tony Blair. They'll also do
Albright in Denver. The public affairs broadcast battle has heated in
recent weeks as Russert's MEET THE PRESS wins, wins, loses, wins in total
viewers. The latest numbers give MEET 2.925 million viewers, ABC followed
tight with 2.899 million, CBS had 1.906 million and FOX had 894 thousand
total viewers. Tony Snow and company bark about clearance troubles...

Filed by Matt Drudge
6/20/97 20:09 UTC
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant.
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