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**World Exclusive**

"I wonder if he moves the curtain so the sun shines on her hair?" Monica
Lewinsky said to a friend one evening in a shocking intimate conversation.

The former White House intern was showing her jealous side, concerned that
President Bill Clinton was having sex with another White House staffer -- a
staffer she knew had "private time" with the president in the Oval Office on
a regular basis!

The stunning blond [she reportedly had 20 minutes alone with President
Clinton every morning between 9:00 and 9:20 am] has since been transferred
out of the White House.

But according to case intelligence, the former employee has been the subject
of recent grand jury testimony in Ken Starr's ongoing probe.

"It was the summer of 1994 and Hillary was out of town when I saw her with
President Clinton," a witness has told the grand jury.

But the "her" was not Lewinsky!

The blond staffer will not be named in this report, but key players involved
in the situation have grown convinced that her identity will become public
as the case develops.

"Monica Lewinsky saw [her] as direct competition," a source close to the
situation told the DRUDGE REPORT in Washington.

"Clinton met the woman long before he met Monica Lewinsky. He even got her
a job working close to him in the west wing. It drove Monica crazy."

"Monica could not deal with Bill Clinton having intimate relationships with
other women," said the source. "It was eating her up inside.

"She would go on and on about other women she suspected of having time alone
with the president. One was even a family member of a former VP."

Lewinsky names various women in conversations caught on tape.

Two are still employed at the White House, both in created positions.



nO. bUT. Your Baloney Blvd reporter is the August PLAYBOY interview.
Don't tell mother!

And if plans hold, I'll be a quest on David Letterman: CBS next Monday
nite, July 13...



CNN star Jeff Greenfield promised big things in his appearance on Imus in
the Mourning on June 5. Greenfield was there to promote the CNN blockbuster
story on Vietnam and nerve gas. The story that has turned to snow with last
week's retraction.

Joined in progress:

Jeff Greenfield: "I have to tell you, you know, I think you know, that I
have done this show for a number of years and I have, I have tried not to
sort of hype and go 'Oh my god!' you know 'we've got something coming up.'
But the first story we've got Sunday night is going make news, real news,
because it's about a black operation by the U.S. military during the Vietnam
War. This stuff comes multi-sourced by people who were involved in the
mission and all I can tell you at this point is that both the target of the
mission and the means used to try to carry that mission out are really most

Imus: "What kind of an operation?"

Greenfield: "Black, it was a black operation. I mean off the books super
secret, you know deniability if it ever got out, because they were doing
things, they were aimed at targets and using methods that, even now 28 years
later, it's going to raise a lot of eyebrows about what the government, what
the military was up too."


Hold the laugh track until the end.

A deep search of Jeff Greenfield moments popped another flashback.

This beauty looks like it ran on the ABCNEWS.COM website last August, before
Greenfield upgraded to CNN:

Good News Gets Bad Ratings: Dear Viewer, You Hypocrite

News viewing is declining; hard news shows are taking the brunt of the
decline. Where are you going?

By Jeff Greenfield

NEW YORK -- In the early days of television, variety hosts often ended their
shows by saying, "Thank you for letting us into your living room." After one
of his shows, madcap comic Ernie Kovacs looked out at the audience and said,
"Thank you for letting us into your living rooms -- but couldn't you have
cleaned up a bit?"

In that dyspeptic spirit, I want to address a few words to you, the news
audience: You're a bunch of hypocrites.

For years -- no, for decades -- you've been bleating and moaning about all
the bad news we put on. "Why do you always cover the bad stuff," you'd say.
"Why don't you ever report the good news?" Well, we'd explain, it's not
really news if an airplane leaves New York City in the morning and lands
safely in Chicago a few hours later. It's news if it crashes. It's not news
if 500 buildings in Denver do not catch fire -- it's news if one of them
does and a lot of people die.

But in fact, we were wrong. We were operating on a myopic vision of what
news is, formed out of an era when every other minute Hitler was invading a
country, or the Depression was throwing 100,000 more people out of work, or
the Soviet Union was invading another country, or another weapon was being
developed to wipe us off the face of the Earth, or America was stumbling
into war, or enough, already. About the time the Berlin Wall was torn down,
we started to get a steady flow of good news -- and we began to report it...

What's your response? News viewing is declining, and hard news shows are
taking the brunt of the decline. Where are you going? You're going to
tabloid shows, where you can find bad news about marital breakups and sex
scandals. You're going to the Web, where you can read bad news about
conspiracies and alien abductions and malevolent manipulations of media

In other words, in the immortal phrase of Nathan Thurn, it wasn't us -- it
was you. You were so hooked on bad news, that when we started reporting
good news, you dropped us like a hot potato in search of bad news wherever
you could find it -- even if the bad news was a complete crock.

I wash my hands of you -- and by the way, Kovacs was right. Would it kill
you to pick up after yourself every once in a while?


Okay. Now the laugh track.

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