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**Contains Explicit Detail**

Washington wakes up in shock on Friday: President Clinton's current
personal secretary Betty Currie has been secretly providing information to
independent counsel Kenneth Starr.... MORE

The NEW YORK TIMES is reporting that Mrs. Currie was absent from work in the
days after the story erupted last month, and in that time she was secretly
meeting with Starr's investigators! The DRUDGE REPORT has also learned new
details of Lewinsky's claimed sexual contact with Clinton.

The TIMES reports:

JAN. 17.: A report on the internet that said NEWSWEEK had declined to
publish a story it was preparing on an affair between the president and a
White House intern. It is not known whether Clinton was aware of the
report. But that evening, he canceled a dinner outside the White House with
the first lady. Mrs. Currie has told investigators, lawyers said, that the
president called her and asked her to meet him at the office the following day.

[The DRUDGE REPORT has been told by several White House staffers in recent
days that both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton first learned of the Lewinsky sting
operation through the DRUDGE REPORT.]

JAN. 18: Mrs. Currie met Clinton at the White House, according to lawyers
familiar with her account. Lawyers familiar with the inquiry said Mrs.
Currie recalled that the president had asked a series of questions to which
he supplied the answers.

The lawyers paraphrased the president's remarks about Ms. Lewinsky as being
along these lines: We were never alone together, right? Clinton also
asserted to Mrs. Currie that he resisted the former intern's advances, Mrs.
Currie has told investigators.

Currie has told investigators that the president and Lewinsky sometimes were
alone, reports the TIMES. She has also turned over gifts to investigators
that she retrieved from Lewinsky, including a hat pin, a brooch, and a dress.

It is not known if Clinton asked Currie to retrieve the gifts. A move that
would be seen as obstruction of justice.

Investigators have reason to believe that Currie overheard Clinton and
Lewinsky in a sex act in the Oval Office while she hid in the bathroom, the
DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Elsewhere, the DRUDGE REPORT has been briefed on the shocking depths of
explicit talk between Lewinsky and Tripp concerning Lewinsky's alleged
sexual relationship with the president.

Lewinsky, it has exclusively been learned, confided in Tripp details of a
sexual encounter with Clinton that took place on the carpet of the Oval
Office -- on the carpet of the presidential seal!

Investigators have also been briefed about a supposed sexual episode Clinton
had with Lewinsky as Clinton talked on the phone with then presidential
adviser Dick Morris.

Lewinsky has confided to Tripp how she once gave Clinton oral sex in the
Oval Office while Clinton talked with Morris on the phone -- while Morris
was getting oral sex himself from his prostitute Sherry Rowlands.

The claims stun and sicken investigators.

It is not known if Lewinsky was exaggerating her contact with Clinton to
Tripp in conversations -- many that were captured on audio tape.

Linda Tripp is currently being kept in a safe house furnished by investigators.


Filed by Matt Drudge In New York City
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant
http://www.drudgereport.com for breaks
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