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**Contains Graphic Description**

While prosecutors in Kenneth Starr's office have not yet decided exactly
what to include in their report to Congress regarding the Monica Lewinsky
mess, one theme of concern is already taking place behind the scenes on
Capitol Hill: How explicit is Starr's report going to be!

House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde met
Wednesday and agreed to send a small group of House members to examine
evidence assembled by Starr's investigation, reports Thursday's WASHINGTON
POST. The members hope to determine if there is any basis for the committee
to consider impeachment charges.

What will they find?

A national television audience last week may have heard Kathleen Willey
describe in graphic detail what she says was an unwanted sexual advance by
the president, but, according to sources familiar with Lewinsky's tale,
Willey specifics are Disney compared to the story the former White House
intern relayed to friends -- including conversations caught on tape with
co-worker Linda Tripp.

There is concern on The Hill that the political scandal may very well turn
Triple-X once transcripts of Lewinsky/Tripp conversations are given to
Congress, or otherwise become public.

As one senior congressional source explained to the DRUDGE REPORT: "No one
here is looking forward to hearings on Monica Lewinsky's description of
President Clinton's penis size."

Lewinsky's graphic descriptions of what she claims was a sexual affair with
the president has been the talk of the underground since the scandal broke.

Example: As reported in this space last month, Lewinsky confided in Tripp
details of a sexual encounter with Clinton that took place on the carpet of
the Oval Office -- on the carpet of the presidential seal!

It is not known if Lewinsky was exaggerating her contact with Clinton in
conversations, but investigators have also been briefed on a supposed sexual
episode Clinton had with Lewinsky as Clinton talked on the phone with then
presidential adviser Dick Morris -- while Dick Morris himself was engaging
in a sexual episode with a prostitute.

Lewinsky called the session "Quadraphonic sex," a source close to the
situation tells the DRUDGE REPORT. Dick Morris has denied the episode ever
took place.

Congressional hearings that may include these stories, as well as others,
will be unprecedented in American history.

The vision of congressmen exploring the torment Lewinsky said she went
through after the president refused sexual penetration during one session,
for example, is a nightmare scenario.

"I continue to feel horror at the abuse of power and emotional anguish she
has endured," Linda Tripp explained in a statement after the Lewinsky story
broke. Tripp is set to tell-all to the grand jury in the coming weeks.

What sex evidence will eventually be passed to Congress is a debate that has
been under way inside of Starr's office, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
Starr's office is currently working on a draft report.

Thursday's WASHINGTON POST reveals that the independent counsel's office has
not yet decided whether to supplement their Lewinsky report -- which it
hopes to complete within two or three months -- "with evidence suggesting
there have been patterns of perjury and obstruction in other areas of the
Whitewater financial investigation, or to treat Whitewater issues in a
separate report."

Sue Schmidt breaking news again... And anxiety is beginning on The Hill.

"We are not looking forward to turning the hearings into the Jerry Springer
show," one well-placed congressional source said late Wednesday. "We will
keep dignity and decorum, we will not present anything pornographic to the

What evidence actually will find its way into public view may all depend on
who chairs the House committee looking into the matter, who gets the gavel.

"If its Henry Hyde... well, there is no way he will explore sex in much
detail," said a Hill source.

Sentiments also echoed over at Justice.

A staffer in Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder's office recently
whispered: "This is about the law."

But while investigators and congressional leaders publicly maintain that
Starr's search is focused on potential crimes of obstruction of justice,
witness-tampering and perjury, it's the graphic sexual dynamic swirling
around some of the possible crimes that may have Capitol Hill blushing this



Vernon Jordan is still waiting to see just what Starr's grand jury does with
the conflicting evidence that has been presented before them. After Jordan
testified before the Lewinsky grand jury a few weeks back, he told the cameras:

"I want to say two further things. One is I did not in any way tell her,
encourage her, to lie; and secondly, that my efforts to find her a job were
not a quid pro quo for the affidavit that she signed. That's the truth,
that's the whole truth, that's nothing but the truth."

But the DRUDGE REPORT can now confirm that Monica Lewinsky told Linda Tripp
quite a different version of events -- a version that the FBI caught on tape
during the Lewinsky/Tripp sting.

It is believed that Starr's team played the audio to Jordan for his reaction
in the grand jury room.

Lewinsky discussed what she says was Jordan's advice about revealing her
affair with Clinton during a Paula Jones deposition: "He said, 'It doesn't
matter what anybody says, you just deny it. As long as you say it didn't
happen, then it didn't happen. You're not going to jail. You're not going
to jail.'"

Filed by Matt Drudge
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