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Special Reports Personal Collection:
Norris Carden's (www.nuzman.com) e-mail collection of Drudge's Special Reports (5/31/1997 - 1/17/2001.)



It's a go! The Pentagon announced on Thursday that it now intends to fire,
twice, the first super military laser-beam. A 6-foot wide beam will hit a
dying air force satellite for one second and then 10 seconds. Defense
Secretary William Cohen signed off on the controversial test during a
meeting of NATO defense ministers in the Netherlands. The White Sands
Missile Range in New Mexico is home to the project that creates a white-hot,
6-foot-wide laser beam, generated through a complex reaction. It's housed
in a complex that looks like a utility plant. The test will not be visible
to the naked eye.

Pentagon spokesman Doubleday a few hours ago at a press briefing:

"The purpose of the experiment is to collect data that will help us improve
computer models used in planning protection measures for U.S. satellite
systems... I'm not going to specify the time but it's in the next few days.

No members of the press will be invited to witness the test.

When asked if there is any danger that the laser could hit something else if
it misses the targeted satellite, Doubleday said: "No. The experiment has a
component which involves de-confliction of the airspace, which is done by
people in the Space Command."

The experiment has been criticized by commercial satellite companies.

The test will be the most dramatic use of a weapon that was born in the
Reagan administration's Star Wars program; it could be used to destroy enemy
satellites monitoring U.S. and allied troops and weapons in future wars.



Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison appearing on CBS' WALKER, TEXAS RANGER? Sen.
Alfonse D'Amato in DEVIL'S ADVOCATE shaking hands with the Devil [Pacino] in
a party scene?

Tired of only getting C-SPAN and CNN camera time, politicians continue to
expand their visibility.

The D'Amato's scene has many baffled: Why the senator, playing himself,
agreed to appear on screen shaking hands with Al Pacino -- who plays Satan
in the form of law firm head who is deep in corruption: laundering Russian
mob money, smuggling drugs and arms dealing, murder, more -- is a public
relations curiosity.

"It's only a movie, Drudge," a source in D'Amato's Washington office said on
Thursday. When pressed on what the upside could possibly be of shaking
hands with the Devil in a movie, the source clammed...



"News Breaks on the Web, But Can You Believe It?" was a Page 1 story in the
fun CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR on Wednesday. Written by Dirk Smillie, the
piece explored the speed and reliability of Internet reporting -- and if
it's really reporting at all.

"Drudge isn't a reporter; he's your next-door neighbor gossiping over the
electronic fence," Joan Konner, publisher of the COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW
and former dean of Columbia University's School of Journalism, explained to
the paper. "When I was 16 years old, I was the editor of my camp gossip
sheet. Does that make me a journalist?" she asked.

Well, with someone so heavily credentialed so obviously aware of my work, I
thought I might get some advise from the esteemed professor. I caught the
first wire to New York City and phoned Konner:

"I've written and filed more than 2,000 stories... I've asked questions at
White House press briefings... What can I do to actually become a reporter?"
I begged to the former dean.

She laughed, explaining that she really couldn't tell me what I could
specifically do because she hasn't been following my writings and doesn't
read me.

All the publisher of the COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW knew about me was what
she read in the press? What a letdown.

How do you know that I'm not a reporter, I asked. "I've broken stories that
have been picked up by the main..."

She interrupted. I know about you by what others are writing about you, she

Class dismissed.

So, the press interviews others in the press about my press -- while making
it seem like they're really talking about my actual work? With serious
tones, they make serious points, that some are taking seriously.

FOOTNOTE: A few hours after I spoke with publisher Konner, I received an
e-mail from a one Konstantin Richter, from the C-o-l-u-m-b-i-a
J-o-u-r-n-a-l-i-s-m R-e-v-i-e-w. Dear Mr. Drudge: I am fact-checking an
article on you that will be appearing in our next issue. I would appreciate
it if you could verify the following...

I e-mailed my report on Konner in response to Richter, with the comment:
"As long as you fact-check this first."

Filed by Matt Drudge
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant
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