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Richardson's Role; Lewinsky Didn't Want U.N. Job


The first congressional hearing touching on the Monica Lewinsky mess may
open shortly. Bill Richardson, globe-trotting ambassador and former
congressman, appears to have a clear path for Senate approval as energy
secretary, but not before questions about his job offer to Monica Lewinsky.

"We are going to hit him with some pointed [Lewinsky] questions," one
well-placed Hill Source said Tuesday. "It will be the first time Monica
Lewinsky becomes an issue of official business on Capitol Hill."

In conversations caught on tape, Lewinsky describes how she does not want
the U.N. job that Richardson has offered her, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

In shocking detail, Lewinsky tells Linda Tripp how she believes White House
forces are offering her the New York U.N. job so she has no opportunity to
return to the White House, to be near President Clinton, in any employment

"I don't want that job," Lewinsky tells Tripp in a whine.

According to case intelligence, Lewinsky's spontaneous conversations with
Tripp may directly contradict Richardson's own public explanation of the

Last February, Richardson told radio jock Don Imus that White House deputy
chief of staff John Podesta had asked him to consider Monica Lewinsky for a
U.N. job.

Richardson said there was a public affairs job open. He said he and two aides
met with her at the Watergate building, where she lives, and where he keeps
an apartment for Washington visits.

She had the credentials, Richardson told Imus, adding that he offered her
the job because he found her "worldly" and he was "very impressed" during
his interview with her.

As for why the ambassador would be personally conducting a job interview, he
explained that he's a very grassroots sort of person who likes to do such

A congressional source who is involved in the Richardson confirmation
hearings hints that the questioning could turn specific.

"Why were President Clinton's deputy chief of staff [John Podesta] and his
United Nations representative encouraging Monica Lewinsky to take a job at
U.N. headquarters in New York?" asks the Hill source.

[A job she told Linda Tripp she was not interested in.]




Hillary Clinton and Susan Estrich magically had identical July 8th columns!

Well, that's according to CREATORS SYNDICATE's new content-driven website.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's regular column "Talking It Over" on July 8th of
this year ran an article on the history of the Marine Corps Band attached to
the White House.

Susan Estrich's column of July 8, available at
http://www.creators.com/opinion/pundits/est.asp?date=7%2F8%2F98 , does the
same -- on the same day!

["I can still remember the words of the Marines' Hymn, which I learned as a
little girl: "From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, we fight
our country's battles in the air, on land and sea ... "]


["I can still remember the words of the Marines' Hymn, which I learned as a
little girl: "From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, we fight
our country's battles in the air, on land and sea ... "]

The very same column is credited to Mrs. Clinton under her "version",
available at
http://www.creators.com/opinion/pundits/cli.asp?date=7%2F8%2F98 .

As can be seen by comparing the addresses, this is not a case of one
columnist linking to the others' site. Yet the wording does not change
from one column to the next, not one letter of it. Both even refer to "my

Is Susan Estrich suggesting her husband is really President Clinton?

[I like her real husband much better, personally.]

While Clinton takes credit for the article, Estrich does not give her that
credit. To look at the article, there is no indication whatsoever that the
originator was Mrs. Clinton.

Or good html help is just so hard to find...



As the days of the 20th Century dwindle down to precious few, lunacy is
taking over Earth's science community. According to a report out of Europe
early Wednesday: Russian scientists are planning to put what will appear to
be a second moon, 10 times as bright as a full Moon, into the night sky
above London and other cities in November as part of a scheme to end night-time.

The LONDON TELEGRAPH fronts the freak story.

"The orbiting space mirror will pass across the night sky quickly, up to 16
times in 24 hours, but will last only one night - Nov 9 - before burning up
in the atmosphere," reports the TELEGRAPH's tech writer Robert Uhlig.

"The reflecting spacecraft, Znamya 2.5, is part of a Russian-led
consortium's plan which bears some similarities to the plot of the Bond film

Provided that there is little cloud on the night, London, Brussels,
Frankfurt, Kiev, Seattle and Quebec are among the cities that will be lit up
by what will appear to be a disc between five and 10 times as bright as a
full Moon."

* * * *


The GUARDIAN on Wednesday breaks with an Internet nightmare: The Russian
secret police may soon be able to monitor, in real time, every e-mail
message and Web page sent or received by Russians.

According to a draft of a project code named "SORM" -- which is currently
being discussed by Russian communications agencies -- all providers of
Internet services in Russia would be forced to install a snooping
device in their main computers and build a dedicated information
superhighway connecting it with the security agency FSB, formerly the KGB.

James Meek at the GUARDIAN is first with details.

In an interview with James Meek of the GUARDIAN, an FSB official said that
he could not confirm the existence of SORM -- the acronym for "system for
ensuring investigative activity" -- but a spokesman for the Russian
Association of Network Services, an Internet providers group, confirms to
the paper that the association had held four meetings to discuss the
project's implications.

"Russia's looming battle over Internet privacy is part of a wider
international struggle between governments and Net users," reports Meek from

Internet providers would be obliged to build a high-speed data link to the
security service's Internet control room so that FSB operators could access
a vast amount of information about any user.

"In theory, under Russian law, the FSB would be restrained by the same legal
requirements as those covering phone taps or letter-opening, for which it
must make a formal application to the courts. But Russian Internet users
doubt the agency would be able to resist the temptation to use its secret
system to spy on the innocent."

"The installation in an Internet server of a 'black box' over which the
server's administrators have absolutely no control creates all sorts of
dangers," said Anatoly Levanchuk, an electronic documents consultant who
published the SORM draft on a renegade website in Russia, tells the GUARDIAN.

"It would be like having the FSB's word of honor that they won't switch on
the listening device they've just installed in your apartment or office
unless they really need to."


DRUDGE show on FOX NEWS CHANNEL gets a "B-" grade in the new ENTERTAINMENT
WEEKLY? That's better than any grade I got in school! Saturday and Sunday
at 9:00 PM. Check listings for channel number. This weekend -- the
original Whitewater star, Larry Nichols, in a rare national TV interview.
Audio tapes, recently obtained, will be played.

Okay. Mike McCurry. Rahm. Ann. Call the network to try and block it ...

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