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NEW YORK -- The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is set to run an exclusive interview in
Tuesday editions with former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen, who tells
reporter Helen Kennedy that she had consensual sex with Bill Clinton when he
was governor of Arkansas -- she was not raped.

The stunning admission, obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT early Monday evening,
will have attorneys for Paula Jones hitting brick wall. Jones lawyers had
hoped Gracen would support their case against the president by testifying
that Clinton sexually assaulted her and then secured silence with favors.

Gracen calls their allegations "lies."

Gracen had been a target of Jones' lawyers, who have been unable to subpoena
her because she has been jet-setting between the Caribbean, Canada and Paris
for nearly six months.

[Gracen denies trying to duck the Jones subpoena, telling the paper that she
recently spent a week in Arkansas with her family. She says she is "totally
prepared" to tell it all under oath.]

"I had sex with Bill Clinton, but the important part to me is that I was
never pressured," she now tells the NEWS. "We had an intimate evening.
Nothing was ever forced. It was completely consensual... He's a very
charming, handsome man."

Paula Jones attorneys have included as evidence a sworn deposition given by
Judy Stokes, a former friend of Gracen's. Stokes swore that Gracen
tearfully told her in the mid-1980s that Clinton forced her into sex in the
back of a limousine in 1982.

"That never happened. It's completely false," Gracen explains. "I never told
her that Bill Clinton pressured me or harassed me. I don't know why she said
that. It baffles me... [This] insults all women who have been sexually
harassed. It's a very serious issue... I just don't fall into that category.
I was never a government employee; he never acted improperly; he never asked
me to lie; he never gave me a job. The only reason they're going after me
is the PR value."

But the admission is a turn-around for Gracen -- who had denied any encounter.

She explains how in the aftermath of the Gennifer Flowers scandal back in
the May of '92, Clinton's campaign asked her to issue a statement denying
she had sex with Clinton.

She quickly complied. However, she insists to the NEWS that she was not
pressured into making that statement.

She explains: "His campaign contacted my manager and asked, 'Would she
issue a formal denial?' I saw it as a situation where that made good sense.
I wanted it [the publicity] to go away... They never pushed me into that at
all. I'm too independent."

Coincidentally, on Monday, Gracen closed a deal to star in a new series
HIGHLANDER: THE RAVEN, a spin-off of her current show. Gracen scoffed at
suggestions she kept the secret all these years in exchange for Clinton's
help in getting work in Tinseltown.

She tells the paper: "If the President of the United States was on the
phone pulling strings for me, I'd be on SEINFELD. I'm not standing on the
front of the Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio, am I?"

Filed by Matt Drudge in New York City
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