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The hottest thing going in media circles tonight is the declaration by
reporter David Brock: "I Kill liberals for a living. Or at least I used

"He pilloried Anita Hill," goes July ESQUIRE, hitting stands, "and all the
conservatives cheered. When he made Troopergate a household word, he was
ordained as the one who would bring down the Clintons. Then [Brock]
discovered the truth about his friends."

Brock is pictured in ESQUIRE tied to a tree, shirt ripped open, nipple

In a 5,000-word confessional for the age, Brock names names and tells the
GOP DC crowd to get a grip. The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained a copy of the
story that has been faxed so many times throughout Washington in recent
hours, the print has quickly become blurred.

"Now I do want out," declares the reporter that unearthed the Paula Jones
mess. "David Brock the Road Warrior of the right is dead. I'm not
comfortable in either partisan camp... my side turned out to be as dirty as

Brock tells a story of betrayal in the weeks and months that followed the
release of his SEDUCTION OF HILLARY RODHAM, a book that failed to deliver
satisfying doses of Hillary dirt to Brock's trained readers.

Finding no sleaze during his research of Rodham, Brock writes: "The
criticism that I was 'soft' on Hillary was false. On the contrary, the
book accepted and expanded on the predominant conservative view of Hillary
as a committed leftist... But for the conservatives, this wasn't enough.
They wanted red meat, not a serious biography."

Suddenly, Brock found himself uninvited to parties, ridiculed about his
sexuality, told there would be no more panel fun for him at the annual
Conservative Political Action Conference.

During his Anita Hill run he had come to expect rejection and scorn by
liberal forces -- Frank Rich, who has never met Brock, outs him in a NEW
YORK TIMES op-ed -- he was stunned to start getting it from the right.

"There is no 'liberal movement' that blackballs journalists in the sense
that there is a self-identified, hardwired 'conservative movement' that can
function as a kind of neo-stalinist thought police," Brock blasts.

He also settles it with former FBI-agent-turned-author Gary Aldrich
[UNLIMITED ACCESS]. In his book, Aldrich reported as fact a wild rumor
about Bill Clinton sneaking out of the White House to a MARRIOTT hotel to
meet women trysts. A rumor Brock says he only "asked" Aldrich about in the
process of researching his own book.

"As someone who tries hard to practice credible journalism from a
conservative perspective, I was outraged when conservative outlets like the
WASHINGTON TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL editorial page and talk radio... let
Aldrich brazen it out and perpetrated a hoax on the public by celebrating
UNLIMITED ACCESS as legitimate and well researched...

"[WALL STREET JOURNAL] editorial page writer John Fund rushed an excerpt on
UNLIMITED ACCESS to print, and when the book's credibility began to
crumble, Fund became Aldrich's point man. When he and I were scheduled to
appear on CNN's LARRY KING LIVE, he telephoned me at home and asked if we
could coordinate our stories before the broadcast, an overture I rebuffed."

Fund is said to be in posession of Brock's CONFESSION'S OF A RIGHT-WING HIT
MAN -- there's been no known comment.

"The age of reporting is dead," Brock concludes. "In the era of television
punditry, all you have to do is pronounce. Substance takes a backseat to
spin, and there is no place for someone who steps out of bounds."

Brock is out, but this time by self.

Filed By Matt Drudge
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant.
All comments: drudge@drudgereport.com
P.O. BOX 1171, Hollywood, CA 90028
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