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According to NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH's fast national ratings, Monica
Lewinsky's interview on ABC has become the most-watched news program ever
broadcast by a single network in television history. Expanding on overnight
crunches, national numbers have the show now the highest rated program of
the season, behind only the Super Bowl. The Lewinsky session built its
audience share from half-hour
to half-hour, ending with a 52 share. ABC Research now estimates that 70
million viewers watched some or all [down from a 75 million], with the City
of Brotherly Love turning in the highest audience levels in the nation!

Philadelphia 39.2/53
Boston 38.5/53
Dallas 37.9/50
San Francisco 37.7/54
Cincinnati 37.7/50
Los Angeles 37.6/52
Cleveland 37.5/50
Houston 37.2/48
Atlanta 37.0/50

"The OSCARS came early," one ABC executive said from Century City early
Thursday morning. "The numbers are stronger than anyone here could have
predicted they would be. God Bless Monica Lewinsky!"

The numbers were not enough to yank NBC from a February Sweeeps win, but ABC
did get bounce.

Among total viewers for the night, Lewinsky/Walters outperformed the
competition on CBS by 613% and NBC by 301%, according to crunches.

"Everybody said that Americans want this put behind them, this is not
representative of the American people wanting this put behind them,"
declared Rush Limbaugh on Thursday morning.

"Ladies and gentleman, do you realize how many people have been lying to us?
All of the Democrats, all the big defenders of the president, all those
lawyers, all those people on Cable TV for months have been saying that
Americans want to move on."

"I think we all should really be talking about Social Security! Shame on
Barbara Walters," laughed Lucianne Goldberg, who will be appearing solo on
CNN's CROSSFIRE tonight.

Lewinsky/Walters gave ABC its highest-rated Wednesday night in all
categories in six years, since Oprah Winfrey's interview with Michael
Jackson on Feb. 10, 1993.

Filed by Matt Drudge in Hollywood
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