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Special Reports Personal Collection:
Norris Carden's (www.nuzman.com) e-mail collection of Drudge's Special Reports (5/31/1997 - 1/17/2001.)


There is now confirmation that the object first sited in early photographs
taken by Pathfinder from the Martian surface was indeed a couch! The rover
Sojourner has retrieved the couch and scientists are now busy trying to
figure out a method to bring the object to Earth. For a detailed
photograph, go to http://users.aol.com/instentmsg/pathfind.htm


Leaks from the Senate to the WASHINGTON POST on Sunday night: Company Run
by Huang May Have Funneled Funds Into U.S. Campaigns, Records Indicate.

Reporter Lena Sun is first with the pre-hearing airing in Monday editions
of the paper.

Sun reports: "Senate investigators have discovered records that indicate a
real estate holding company run by John Huang while he was working for the
Jakarta, Indonesia-based Lippo Group apparently was used to funnel money
from Indonesia into U.S. election campaigns... The financial documents
obtained by investigators show that Hip Hing Holdings, based in California,
did not generate enough income to cover the political contributions it made
to local, state and federal campaigns... Investigators believe that they
have developed the first substantive insight into how money directed by
Lippo might have found its way into U.S. political campaigns."

While not a smoking gun, GOP investigators must be shouting "HIP HING
HURRAY!" at the development. The thinking in Washington over the past few
weeks is that Thompson's hearings would yield little excitement.

Sun describes how investigators have had a difficult time tracking Lippo
links to American campaigns. The task has proved complicated because the
Lippo empire is divided into at least 143 subsidiaries and joint ventures
in 11 countries. "Many of the firms are domiciled in such jurisdictions as
the Cayman Islands or Bermuda, where disclosure laws are weak... Huang was
in charge of Hip Hing's administration at a time when it was donating to
U.S. political campaigns. Investigators are also questioning whether funds
from the real estate company might have been used to reimburse Lippo
executives for political contributions."

* * * *


Secret Service in Paparazzi Melee

Chelsea Clinton, summering in Florence, found herself at the center of a
paparazzi melee as secret service agents tried to stop two LA NAZIONE
newspaper photographers from taking pictures of Chelsea leaving a disco at
2am. The LONDON TELEGRAPH's Bruce Johnston in Rome on Monday has expanded
details on the blowup that has yet to make reports stateside.

"The newspaper said yesterday that two of its photographers, Riccardo
Germogli and Marco Savoia, had been manhandled and punched," reports
Johnston, "after President Clinton's daughter and some 20 friends and
bodyguards emerged from the Scorpion, where they had spent nearly four

"After a blaze of flash-bulbs and smiles from Miss Clinton, the bodyguards
allegedly attacked the paparazzi... At one point a passer-by intervened to
free Germogli from one bodyguard. His colleague, Mr Savoia, who was being
"shaken and repeatedly thrown against a wall" by another, meanwhile rang
police on his mobile phone. Three patrol cars rushed to the scene. One
bodyguard had already disappeared with Miss Clinton and a female school
friend who is traveling with her. But another was stopped for questioning.
Until the incident, Miss Clinton and her friend had been having an
extremely low-key, almost secret holiday, spent mainly in a heavily-guarded
hotel in the hills above the city. The only highlight appeared to have
been a vegetarian meal - accompanied by Bellini cocktails (two parts peach
juice, one part champagne) - along the River Arno in Harry's Bar."


Chelsea Clinton's troubles with the paparazzi may just be beginning. The
DRUDGE REPORT has caught wind of a bounty that has been placed by American
tabloids for the first "campus shots" of Clinton with friend Marc
Mezvinsky, 20-year-old son of former Rep. Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, in
the Fall. Stanford University officials would be well advised to start
planning now for any and all breaches of Chelsea Clinton's privacy on
campus. The way one source in Lantana, Florida explains it, a kiss between
Clinton and Mezvinsky could be worth a small fortune. It is not clear if
the main U.S. press will continue to shield Chelsea from media glare as she
turns 18 and becomes an adult in a world gone celebrity. One hint comes
from a senior producer at HARD COPY who suggests that "viewers would be
turned off" if gossip about Chelsea Clinton started making rotation.
"She's probably not going to get the full tabloid treatment," predicts the

* * * *

going Madison Avenue. The black and white network is set to start carrying
ads. Network executives tell how the revenue-generating strategy shift --
bringing in a potential $2 million extra per year -- will not interrupt the
movies, they will be PBS-like, before and after program blocks.

* * * *


DRUDGE: Mike, in recent weeks, Ken Starr has been shopping a book proposal
with major publishing houses in New York.

MCCURRY: Oh, do tell? [Laughter.]

DRUDGE: Do you think that's appropriate at this stage?

MCCURRY: Tell me more about it. I'm not familiar with it. [Laughter.]

DRUDGE: It's called "Mike McCurry." [Laughter.]

MCCURRY: Tell me more about it? [Laughter.]

DRUDGE: It's a book proposal not relating to Whitewater.


DRUDGE: But, nonetheless, would you find this appropriate and would you
have a comment on this at this point?

MCCURRY: Nah. [Laughter.]


White House press secretary Mike McCurry declined to comment last Thursday,
but smiled when I told him that special Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr
in recent weeks has been shopping a book on Publishers Row. The proposed
book is about constitutional law.


The DRUDGE FLASH apparently took outgoing CBS White House reporter Rita
Braver by surprise -- she rushed to the phones to call someone with the
news. "I'm not talking to my husband," Braver nervously laughed to me in
the White House press room, referring to Washington literary power lawyer
Bob Barnett.

Filed By Matt Drudge
7/7/97 02:51 UTC
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant.
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