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Special Reports Personal Collection:
Norris Carden's (www.nuzman.com) e-mail collection of Drudge's Special Reports (5/31/1997 - 1/17/2001.)

DRUDGE-REPORT 06-04 0108
EVENT REMIT: No bomb, no missile, no criminal act. The NATIONAL
TRANSPORTATION SAFETY BOARD chief investigator says a "spark" ignited
vapors in the nearly empty center fuel tank and caused the explosion that
brought down TWA Flight #800 last summer. ABC NEWS is first with the
report. ABC's Sam Donaldson says the big question now is: Where did the
spark come from? "They haven't been able to find that yet," reports
Donaldson. ABC says the FAA has yet to act on the recommendation from the
NTSB. Developing...M DRUDGE TDR-06-03-97 21:08:47 EDT

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