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McCurry Refuses Comment On Reported Currie Absence

A Thursday DRUDGE REPORT exclusive that revealed new case intelligence in
the Monica Lewinsky mess was greeted with stonewall at the White House
immediately after the story appeared.

Caught on the Tripp tapes, Lewinsky repeatedly describes how President
Clinton's personal secretary Betty Currie is used as a cover. A Washington
grand jury has heard these passages of the tapes, Thursday's report
disclosed. Several White House visits logged when Monica
Lewinsky claimed she was visiting Betty Currie, Currie was on vacation.


[Already in progress]

SAM DONALDSON: I know you don't like to address the DRUDGE REPORT, but you
should know that Drudge is reporting that she's been questioned about times
when her name appears as having had Monica Lewinsky come in, and in fact,
she, Betty Currie, was on vacation.

MR. MCCURRY: Sam, if ABC wants to rely on Matt Drudge as a source of news,
that's your

DONALDSON: Well, when I said you should know I was trying to do you a
public service and not broadcast it on ABC.

MR. MCCURRY: If it's Sam Donaldson's view that Matt Drudge's reporting is a
public service, I'd take some issue with that.

DONALDSON: You should know what he's saying, because you have to counter it.

Q Will the President visit Ireland after the referendum...

MR. MCCURRY: ...I don't think the President would ever want to miss an
opportunity to go to Ireland, but I think that's something...



Thursday was not the first time that White House press secretary McCurry
went tongueless over information reported in this space.

There was the time that hell broke after it was revealed that Vice President
Al Gore had a campaign website registered with a White House billing address
and phone number! -- in direct violation on campaign law:

1/16/98 13:30 EDT

Q: Mike, there is a Matt Drudge report today about...

MCCURRY: I'm not going take the question.

Q: Mike, let me if I can remove the man's name and ask if there is an
Internet campaign web site registered to a phone in the vice president's

MCCURRY: I'm not going to answer that question, and I'm not going to answer
any question based upon that particular source.


There was the time that this report was running a story about a former White
House intern who was caught on tape discussing her affair with the President.

[White House staffers using the EOP.GOV Internet domain [Executive Office of
the President] visited the DRUDGE REPORT website more than 7500 times during
the four days Lewinsky ran exclusively, logs showed.]

1/20/98 17:12 EST

Q Someone said that you or someone here had put out the word that staffers
should not be allowed to log onto the DRUDGE REPORT. Is that true?

MR. MCCURRY: I don't discuss that subject.

Q What, whether you ever put out a word they can't log on?

MR. MCCURRY: I think calling it a "report" is too generous.

Q Well, whatever you want to call it is fine with me. But have you
forbidden people to actually...

MR. MCCURRY: It's a free country and people can do what they want to on the

DRUDGE: Yes. Welcome to the 21st Century, Mike McCurry. Where future fate
is a click away.

Filed by Matt Drudge
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