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Talk everywhere on Capital Hill has former "right-wing hit man" David Brock
set to do Sen. Fred Thompson in an upcoming investigative piece. "We've
been busy guessing if he'll give us the Anita Hill treatment or the Hillary
Rodham," e-mails an aide to Thompson. Low Blow! Brock was completely
convincing has he told C-SPAN's Brian Lamb on Monday that he's a journalist
looking for truth, not his problem if everyone in Washington is driven by
other agendas. Some intelligence has Brock writing the Thompson piece for
a magazine other than AMERICAN SPECTATOR...

* * * *


Is the bull market of the go-go 90's on the verge of a collapse? The
BALTIMORE SUN's Bill Atkinson has found a crazy one who is selling it all
and not looking back. Thomas Eichler, president and chief investment
officer of Eichler Magnin Inc. of Los Angeles, says that within the next 12
months the stock market will plunge by 50 percent.

"Within the next year we expect one of the major financial crashes of this
century. We feel there will be an economic depression. We don't think
people will have a chance to get out," Eichler, 35, tells the paper.

Arguing that investors are paying unrealistic prices for stock, more than
twice their normal value, he warns, "If you went to normal valuations, we
are talking about 3,300 to 3,500 on the Dow... Investors are not prepared
for this type of decline. People are really in a vulnerable position. This
financial speculation has almost been like a steroid. Be assured, it is
nothing more than just a steroid."

Ha! Ha! Ha! What a clown. Nothing ever goes down.

But wait. Atkinson points out that the Standard & Poor's 500 are selling
at 22 times average earnings, heights not seen since World War II except
for 1987. The market was rocked with a 35 percent correction that year...

* * * *

Today is Watergate Day at the WASHINGTON POST, 25 years to the night since
the burglary. And Tuesday's edition is in party mode: Above the fold,
below the fold, continued inside for columns and columns, mother Katharine
Graham takes out all of the good china for the party

Swirling around 15th Street all day on Monday were the rumors that Bob
Woodward was set to reveal the identity of his "Deep Throat" in Tuesday's
paper. Several WASHINGTON POST staffers alerted this report, convinced
that it was happening. Woodward's revelation did not materialize.

The paper does treat readers to a new George Lardner piece, on those dirty
tapes. He writes: "On the tapes, Nixon is profane, demanding, delighted,
sad, insightful, angry, exultant, calculating and bitter... Richard Nixon
had very real enemies and he knew it. They were out to get him, and he was
out to get them -- from carping newspaper reporters and television
correspondents to liberal think tanks and 'big Jewish ... [expletive
deleted]' who bankrolled Democratic candidates... If there is one guiding
principle about Nixon that stands out on these tapes, it is this: Do unto
others what you think they have done unto you."

Lardner complains that the tapes are still, to this day, not easily
fathomed. "Under restrictions imposed after years of litigation by Nixon
lawyers, copies cannot be made until the year 2000 at the earliest, and no
transcripts are available" he complains. "Some of the recordings are
extremely difficult to make out."


During a posh reception Monday night at the Watergate Hotel, a bogus
Richard Nixon insisted he wasn't a crook to an crowd served by make-believe
Secret Service agents. The ASSOCIATED PRESS had the count at more than 300
Washington elites gathered to mark the anniversary of the break-in and to
toast corruption. Guests munched on sushi and drank champagne. A
cassette tape and shredded newsprint adorned each table, Nixon buttons
stretched along the wall...

Meanwhile, a former D.C. cop who says he mistakenly trotted off with
the original police report of the Watergate break-in is set to sell it
at an auction. Bidding begins at $25,000 at the Phoebus Auction Gallery.

The man said in a statement: "I remember finding the document in my files
while cleaning out a closet at home... All attempts to return the document
failed and I was forced to decide whether to throw it away, give it away,
or keep it for posterity."

Or true to the 90's -- cash it.

* * * *


He's a liar, he's bi-polar, he told USA TODAY over the weekend, just hours
before he was to report to prison, that a secret witness will show that
President Clinton lied under oath.

For Whitewater prosector Kenneth Starr's team, Jim McDougal's incarceration
couldn't have come soon enough.

If McDougal spent anymore time as a free man blabbing away down there in
Arkadelphia, any element of prosecutorial surprise in the Whitewater case
would have been totally blown.

Buried on page 16 in Monday's USA TODAY came this summer bomb from reporter
Tom Squitieri: "McDougal says there is at least one more witness who can
verify that President Clinton was present at a 1986 meeting where an
improper loan was discussed. If such a witness exists, it could shatter
Clinton's denial under oath that he never was at the meeting... 'Outside,
some employee there was locking the offices and came around locking the
doors,' McDougal said in an interview. That person saw Clinton in the
office, McDougal said."

A complete Monday headache for a White House that didn't want to hear about

But saving it all for his book -- McDougal will spend the next few years
writing an autobiography he promises will include it all -- he bit his lip,
entered the poky and revealed nothing more about the secret witness...

* * * *

On last week's DRUDGE REPORT shock story about Bruce Willis' upcoming
UNIVERSAL movie JACKAL, where Willis plays a character who picks up a guy
at a gay bar, kisses him, then scenes later brutally murders him [a test
screen crowd cheered the gay murder scene recently in Los Angeles], comes
this from Liz Tracey, associate communications director of GLAAD: "A
recent item in the DRUDGE REPORT attributed a statement concerning JACKAL
to a representative of our organization. It should be known that the person
quoted is no longer associated with GLAAD, and that they are not a
spokesperson for the organization. GLAAD has not yet viewed JACKAL, is in
contact with UNIVERSAL regarding the film and will comment at such time as

Filed by Matt Drudge
6/16/97 19:51 PDT
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