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Norris Carden's (www.nuzman.com) e-mail collection of Drudge's Special Reports (5/31/1997 - 1/17/2001.)



During his latest swing through Hollywood last week, President Clinton
told VARIETY's Army Archerd that he tries to catch as many movies as
possible. He says he loved L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, reports Archerd, and he
has an order in to see BOOGIE NIGHTS.

News that the raunchy look at the 70's-80's porn biz would play in the
White House movie theater made at least one aide blush:

"Really, he said that... No, I can't imagine that Hillary will watch
it with him," a Clinton staffer told the DRUDGE REPORT last week.

Official White House had no comment and would not release specific
information on a BOOGIE NIGHTS screening, but the NEW LINE BOOGIE
NIGHTS website [ http://www.boogie-nights.com ] describes how the
president is in for one hell of a ride.

On the movie's lead character, porn-ace Dirk Digler: "In an industry
that goes up and down more than a ferris wheel, Dirk Diggler's talents
remain rock solid. He's the winner of over 15 Adult Film Awards and
the actor who put act: back in the actor. Since 1977, Diggler's been
hot and heavy and packing 'em in. He's a consummate professional whose
work with Director Jack Horner changed the face of the adult film
industry. Horner says, 'He's not just a c**k, he's an actor' ...
Horner has made such films as Inside Amber, Amanda's ride, Angels Live
In My City, Oral Majesty, Silver Fingers, Blow by Blow, Rock Harders
In Heat, Rock Harders Bi the Book, Spanish Pantolones, Jean Loves
Jenny, Rollergirl's Adventures In Space, Where It's At, Hello Down
There!, Sexual Encounters I, II, III, IV, In With The Out, Out With
The In, Pleasure For Hire, Palace of Sin, Super Sex, Packed, Wet I,
II, III, Amber's Last Stand, Amber's Wonderland, Oral Amber, Orange
and Amber, Chocolate Love, By The Pool [over 200 other titles
available upon request]."

"Drudge, the Lincoln Bedroom is safe! I hear they're showing it at
Camp David during Thanksgiving break," a veteran White House reporter

[Hoping that someone at least covers the turkey's eyes.]


For Weekend November 21-23, 1997

2. ANASTASIA $14.405 ---- $14.533 SINCE OPENING
4. JACKAL $09.080 -40% $28.620
5. LITTLE MERMAID $05.590 -43% $17.853
7. STARSHIP TROOPERS $04.760 -53% $46.321
8. BEAN $04.295 -46% $37.396
9. MAN WHO KNEW LITTLE $03.000 -35% $08.637
10.KNOW WHAT YOU DID $02.640 -35% $63.863
11.DEVIL'S ADVOCATE $02.220 -37% $53.691
12.EVE'S BAYOU $01.515 -40% $09.030
13.WINGS OF DOVE $01.290 +65% $02.661
14.ICE STORM $00.715 -10% $04.394
15.MAD CITY $00.460 -79% $09.517
16.L.A. CONFIDENTIAL $00.295 -52% $34.349

Dollars are in millions
% denotes change from last weekend
Numbers are moved for private recreational use



Titanic: First Great Movie of Century End Rush

HOLLYWOOD -- Spent the day with James Cameron's TITANIC recently.
Still haunts. Still haven't fully come down from Cameron's $300
million [?] masterpiece.

"My goal in making this film was to show not only the dramatic death
of this infamous ship, but her brief and glorious life as well," the
madman explains in production notes passed around at a screening down
at PARAMOUNT last week.

I left the show in total tears.

But an end of the century tends to do that to a man.

And Cameron, obviously aware that the calendar is turning fast, has
created the first great movie of the Century End Rush.

The Century End Rush -- when creative types give it all they've got to
make the big points.

[Last Sunday's BOSTON GLOBE had Francis Ford Coppola, RAINMAKER,
boring, admitting that it his next one, his last one of the century
that's going to be the one he's always wanted to make: "The money I
was paid to do RAINMAKER I have in an account, waiting to basically
guarantee, or whatever I have to do to get a personal movie made. I
don't want to say a lot about it, but it's a contemporary piece, an
ambitious piece. It tries to deal with mankind in our period, where
we're headed, where we could be going, what our relationship is to the
future from the point of view of society, rather than gadgets or
rocket ships or whatever. I think about what the good path might be
toward an evolving society. It's what I read in the paper, it's what
I've learned about life to this point. I think my best gift is to
write original material for the screen" ... George Lucas' prequel to
STAR WARS, set to open May '99, is also said to be a personal trip
that will be a large pronouncement on where the universe stands;
Kubrick's EYE WIDE SHUT -- a "big issues" preach about modern man's
sins ... Spielberg can't figure out what to do, reportedly. Alright,
SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, a story of sacrifice with Tom Hanks doing the
right thing again: Spielberg's Summer '98. But the pressure has to
be on for him to whip up one more big something to define the age.
And to finally do one for DREAMWORKS to help it get valid.]

April 10, 1912," writes Cameron, "and technology had been delivering a
steady stream of miracles for the better part of two decades and
people were beginning to take the never-ending spiral of progress for
granted. What better demonstration of humanity's master over nature
than the launch of TITANIC, the largest most luxurious moving object
ever built by the hand of man?

"But for-and-a-half days later, the world had changed. The maiden
voyage of the 'ship of dreams' ended in nightmare beyond comprehension
and mankind's faith in its own indomitable power was forever destroyed
by uniquely human shortcomings: arrogance, complacency and greed.

Sound like a pre-crash 1990's? Of course it does. And I believe that
is madman Cameron's point.

DiCaprio works, so does Winslet. They're innocence is fresh: crazy
making in the ship's first class cabins while everyone else suffer
from terminal affluenza. [Titanic's top first-class ticket price
would cost approximately $124,000 today.]

And whoever thought to have the dolphins jumping with the ship gets
high marks. Not since the Gump feather has there been such a ...

Hole on boat, James Horner's musical score. [Warning: Celine Dion's
theme song over credits makes you wish you would have ripped off your
life vest.] Where is John Barry or Michel LeGrand when you need them?
Synthesizer generation composers like Horner ruin nearly every time
when they go big.

But what a thrill it is to actually love a movie, care about a movie.
Too long out at sea with films that are made for purpose of cashout in
global markets. [The rest of the world isn't as sick of the Hollywood
conveyor belt trash as some of us are.] The Jackals, the Men In
Blacks, the Starship Troopers come and go with the tide leaving no
intelligible trace.

Spent the day with James Cameron's TITANIC recently. Still haunts.

Filed by Matt Drudge
The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant
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